I did it... made a complaint to the DHB

I have just sent off an email to the Midcentral DHB customer services person about the care I recieved after our loss.

I was unhappy about being placed in a room with pregnant women etc so I decided to make a complaint about it. And I feel so much better now that I have done that.

I also stated that I was unhappy with the waiting time I spent at the Womens health Unit waiting for blood test results.

I did say that I found the care I recieved in A&E was brilliant and that Dr Hansen and her team were awesome. I found Dr Hansen was easy to talk to and she was direct about how she saw things. I actually got information from her that helped me.

Part of my compalint was also that I was not given any information about ectopic pregnancy, the procedures that I had had or about where I could get support/counselling if I needed it.

Overall I am glad I made the complaint even if it changes things for just one women in my situation I will be happy. It also has given me the chance to get some closure on this.



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