beta hcg levels nearly nil

my poor children have been subjected to a morning of near boredom due to me having to get my beta hcg levels tested and having to then wait over and hour at the womens health unit to be told the level.

My beta hcg level today is 19, so small that a home pregnancy test wouldnt pick it up and that realistically i wouldnt be counted as pregnant now.... so yeah up till the last few days i still had enough to be classed as pregnant, isnt that scary......

I had one of the Drs that I had while in hospital and her bedside manner needs much improvement, shes just shockingly unfriendly, and bordering on rude. lets just say i hope i never see her again. So next week i get a final blood test and see the surgeon who did it, and hopefully thats the end of the medical side of the ectopic pregnancy.

the mental side is taking a bit longer to get over, I am feeling better though, and after talking to a friend online last night I realised that i am doing ok, not 100% brilliant but I am still doing what i need to do to be happy. That is a good thing.

so its 2 weeks tomorrow, its still all there etc, but i am looking to our future and its looking pretty good.


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