new dress

this is my latest project, its a vogue pattern with the skirt taken in from a normal straight one to a pencil one and with a satin back crepe bodice. I am planning on making it again but will alter the bodice so that its not so low cut and so that there is more depth to cover the bust better, otherwise I love it

making stuff.....

after a long period of barely sewing anything lately the bug has hit again, it started in February with making a couple of skating leotards for my wee girls, I have never sewn them before so it was a bit of a challenge, once I got that sorted I have made a few more for them and one really nice one for miss K to wear when she competes in her first competition this month.

I have also made the costumes for book day, a high waist skirt for me and am currently making a retro inspired dress, its frustrating me though as the bodice is really low and I feel like I will be flashing the world lol.

I have even made a baby sling which was nice too, seems I am not sick of sewing at all, just needed a break for a while.

love D

back in time

I tried to blog about this 2 weeks ago but blogger kept throwing a hissy fit and wouldnt post it properly, so I thought I would just write a new post instead.

2 weeks ago the girls had book character dress up for school mufti day, we spent the Monday afternoon talking and working out who they wanted to be and then I spent the next 3 days buying fabric and sewing two costumes, it was great to sew something for them as my sewing mojo has slowing been returning.
Tehy both choose characters from classic stories....

Ironically the character that Miss K choose was the same one as I was for book day in 1984...

So 28 years apart in playing dress ups as the same character, it shows that classic stories dont loose their appeal.

love D

Rat Attack this Saturday

This weekend the Swamp City Roller Rats are hosting their first major bouts of the year, its going to be awesome and we are hoping for a sell out, so if you are in Palmerston North this weekend this is a must go to event.

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