doing well then crash

I have been doing really well at getting some fitness back up and walking properly again, N is 9 weeks so its been that long since I stopped using crutches, I had been walking up to 2.4km again but dammit its all stopped.....

I was doing the edges of the lawn and I have over extended my leg a bit too much I think and today I am waddling again and in quite a bit of pain... am so gutted, might have to try swimming this week instead for fitness.

I have managed to lose some weight though which is good, and hence the frustration at not being very mobile today.


12th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday, I am left wondering where all that time has gone, but its been an amazing time with many exciting journeys that we have taken together.

To celebrate we went and saw Avatar, and went out for dinner, it was great and we were child free, two awesome friends helped by looking after our babies for us.... it was very strange though not having bubs with me as I aren't apart from her very often.

Avatar was amazing, we didn't get to see it in 3d as thats only available in the main centres, but it was still awesome and I don't think I blinked the whole time, we went to Speights ale house for dinner which was very nice too.

I feel really lucky to have reached 12 years of marriage as we were quite young when we got married, but we have got here and I wonder what the next 12 years will bring, by then we will have nearly all teenage children in the house, K will have just finished high school and N will be 12. Its an exciting journey and one that I certainly don't want to miss.


Slack blogger

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, I have been too tired and too busy, Its school holidays and having four kids takes up lots of time :) not that its a bad thing it just means that blogging isn't important at the moment.

N is 7 weeks now, she is just lovely, she smiles and is beginning to make neat noises other than crying, the girls are great with her, K even changes nappies which is very cool. O isn't so sure about her but calls her baby and gives her hugs and kisses.

Ben is spending a lot of time writing his PhD, I am over it at the moment and just want to see the damn thing finished, I am sure it will be worth it once its done but at the moment its just hard slog for him and tiring for both of us.

I have managed to start riding my bike again, I can do 5km in around 15 minutes which is good, I am wanting to get up to 20km to do the tour de manawatu later this year, The two big girls did their first triathlon of the season on Sunday, it was great, a friends 15 year old did it with L and I did it with K, I wasn't able to walk/run with her so I biked beside her instead (my hips are still too sore for walking far, biking is easier as its a lot lower impact)

My weight loss plan for the year is still happening, I haven't gained any extra which is good, just need to drink more water and keep up the exercise.


Happy New year..... 2010 is here

I can remember seeing in the start of the millennium with two of my fave fellas listening to Dave Dobbyn playing in Hagley park with heaps of other cantabs. It was awesome, we were seeing in the new millennium and it was going to be huge....

Well its now 10 years in and in that time I graduated from University, completed a graduate diploma in teaching and learning, shifted from Christchurch to Palmerston North, we bought our first house and most importantly we became parents to four fabulous children that bring us huge amounts of happiness. I have also had two serious bouts of depression the second one meant that I lived with our children in Oamaru with my parents for a year, and have recovered from both to be a productive member of my family again. We have been politically active in the Labour party, I have held a position on New Zealand Council of the party and Ben has been a very active member of the environmental policy committee.

Ben has started and nearly completed his PhD. Its taken over 5 years so far and hes hoping to be finished in February. Its going to be a stressful 9 weeks or so as hes only able to do it in his spare time.

I don't really know what the next ten years will bring, but by this time in 2020 we will have two teenage girls, our youngest child will be 10. I will hopefully be working again in some capacity as something, but at the moment I aren't really sure what. Its all an adventure just waiting for us really.

But at the moment I am thinking of what I want to achieve in 2010, my first goal is to maintain my mental health, I am doing ok, and I want to stay this way, I also want to improve my physical health, I am many kg overweight and I plan to lose 10kg of that this year, its not a huge goal but will take me some time and dedication to do it. I want to be able to keep up better with the children too, so I am hoping to increase my fitness. I want to sew more clothes for the kids, and I want to continue breastfeeding N till she turns 1 at least.

Miss L will start school this year and O will start afternoon kindy too. I would like to get our living room wallpapered and maybe do up one of the children's rooms or the kitchen.

I aren't sure that I will be politically active, but then it depends on if a decent left wing candidate goes for the mayoralty, then I may do something, I still want to do triathlons, and want to be able to run a bit further than I currently am able.

Overall I am hoping that 2010 is a good year for my family and friends and that we all enjoy some success at whatever our goals are.


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