sad news.

not quite sure how to even write about this but I will try, My Grandma has just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, I am not really able to explain how I am feeling, but in someways its good that she has a diagnosis as it means that she will get good care at hospice or at home and my aunty who lives with her will have good support too...

I am also trying to cope with my big girls reactions to it too which I am finding really hard, this is their first experience of illness and death and its hard on them too....

love D

got something I have wanted

for so so so long.. yep since I was 6th form I have wanted some 1460 doc marten boots, back then I wanted black, but now I have moved on from there and instead have got shiny pink tartan ones, omg I am in love.

My darling husband and children got them for me for my birthday and they arrived yesterday, 10 days all up from the States is pretty damn good... we got them from because they were $150 cheaper than buying them from a shop here in NZ. Anyway I love them lots and am very happy, now I have to keep my end of the bargain and get rid of some of my excess shoes and clothing from my wardrobe, it was due for a sort out so its not necessarily a bad thing.

love D

34 today

wow so this is what the midis thirties is like hmm... ok, seems fine so far, only one grey hair to account for so far, a few wrinkles, but hey they add character, a few extra rolls around the middle, babies and eating crap do that...some slightly saggy boobs, but a good bra does wonders... so over all not to bad so far.

My delightful husband and children made me pikelets with whipped cream and jam for breakfast and coffee and I didn't even have to get out of bed, yahoo... they are so fantastic, I love them so much, our two big girls organised me a Swamp City Roller Rats t shirt, it was so cool they asked me at skating if I liked it and then they talked to the right person and got one for me, aren't they just awesome.

I have had a lovely day, out for brunch, so quiet time, visitors, phone calls, lots of messages on Facebook, pretty good really.

love D

breastfeeding causes breast implants.. WTF?

there is a terribly written opinion piece in the NZ Herald today, in which a mother bags all of us who choose to breast feed. Its a bloody offensive piece in so many ways, she says that breastfeeding is why women who are unhappy with their saggy boobs have to get implants... wtf, that's insane, choosing to formula feed so you don't get saggy boobs seems rather selfish, I have bottle fed, and I have breastfed, the boobs were getting saggy before I started feeding, loosing weight, gaining weight are bigger factors for saggy boobs that breastfeeding.

The rest of the article was just as bad, sleeping your baby on its back is not to be done because of flat heads? wow so the aesthetic of babies head shape is more important than the risk of SIDS, but she justifies this statement by saying shes upper class and it won't happen to her baby...

I was totally gobsmacked by the arrogance of this woman, shes so totally wrong on so many counts and saying that she knows best because shes rich just takes the cake. Personally I will keep getting my advice on parenting from WHO, Plunket, Health professionals etc, they do know what they are talking about.

and then there is this part 

"Now I understand that for many parents, especially where education levels are low and daily life so tough and frazzled, the notion of a book to record details of the infant's every sleep seems indulgent and precious. And we've all read about methamphetamine-fuelled households filled with multiple 'lifestyle beneficiaries' whose only success is to fail to supply the necessities of life to those tiny babies unfortunate enough to live with them. Obviously sterilising bottles and correctly preparing formula would be beyond many of these people - as would the art of muslin-wrapping. So it's quite understandable that official guidelines should serve as a safety net for the offspring of our most disenfranchised parents, and as an ethical society we wouldn't want it any other way."

totally condescending and not necessary at all, I found the whole article patronising, it belittled the work that Mums do, and it made her come across as a prize bitch who was so selfish that she didn't even try breastfeeding cos she didn't want to have to get implants. I have many friends who bottle feed their children, they do it because for many reasons breastfeeding just didn't work for them. Not one of them did it because of concern about saggy boobs, did she have an elective c section because she was concerned about a saggy vagina? I mean pushing a baby out is surely going to stuff you vagina and make sex less pleasurable because you aren't tight anymore.... And yes I am now being bitchy and judgemental too, (C sections are not nice, and are horrible to recover from and nothing to be joked at either.)

Where do people get off on judging choices that we make? I am educated, and I used that education to make the best choices I can for my children, but I don't offend nearly every Mother I know by making statements like the ones in that article.

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