Proud of my wee triathletes

the triathlon club here in Palmy is awesome, its so supportive of getting kids out there having a go. this is K's third season doing the Summer series, for her age group they run 300m, bike 600m, and swim one length of the learners pool. Its done at the pool and park next to our place which makes it easy for us to go to as well.

L did her first triathlon tonight, shes 3 so its an awesome thing that she felt confident enough to have a go. We are really proud of her too... the offical age for doing it is 4 but they let 3 year olds do it too. Her godparents daughter ran beside her for her run and bike and watched her in the pool. She was so proud of herself doing the whole thing, to top it off she won a spot prize too which was nice.

K did it without trainer wheels on her bike, this was the first time shes done anything without them, she was a bit wobbly still and fell off a couple of times, but she was so proud of herself for doing it.

We have a club tri this weekend, I will do it with K, and Ben is going to do the bike with us with the youngest two in the bike trailer, we have the events out at Linton Army camp, its great as we dont have the issues of road/traffic control that happens in town, and they have a nice 25m pool that we can use.

We are really enjoying having something that we can all do together, I wasnt in to sport as a kid, but this is a good way for me to be active and to be a role model to my children,


Azlemed said...
February 25, 2009 at 11:10 AM

it was cool... the girls get such a buzz out of it too....

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