Board of Trustees

We have a good system here that parents are on the board that makes decisions about how your childs school is run. The nominations closed today for the next three year term and I have put my name forward.

I am now feeling nervous, there are 5 positions at our school and ten people have been nominated, 2 of whom are currently on the board. I havent done anything like this since the early 00's when I was on the NZLP council, but I am sure that I have grown since then and will be able to cope if I get elected or if I dont.

The voting papers are sent out on Monday and then the nervous wait begins......

School Uniform

Yay, it arrived yesterday so today Miss K wore it for the first time, I think she looks very cute in it.

busy girl

we are having one of those weeks, you know the type when you decide to take on a huge project and you get to Thursday and feel absolutely knackered.... well our big project has been great fun.....

When we shifted into our house last June we stripped the wallpaper and planned to re paper the room, well that didn't happen until this week... its not finished yet but only 1 wall to go, yay.

Two of my awesome friends have been helping and we decided to do some demolition work at the same time, we have pulled the cupboards out of the middle of the kitchen, it was old, dated, tired and needed to come out, so we did it.... photos to prove it above.

So now we have to paint the kitchen too so that it looks good. Its great though and neat to get something done to the house for once. D

trying a different way of selling slings.

I are not 100% about this but I have listed one of my slings on trademe, its for one to be designed and made for the person who purchases it, its also a way to see what sort of market there is for them.... so if you want to buy one please bid..... love D

school holidays

yep, its the last day of the school holidays, yippee, I love having my kids at home and they needed the break but I also love term time and the routine etc that comes with it. The kids and I got our haircut today, just so they are tidy again for kindy and school, and we were going to have Miss K's uniform all sorted for her for Monday, but Postie plus put paid to that idea. They are the suppliers for our uniforms which we were supposed to be able to by for the start of this term. Well the Polo shirts are not available till the 26th of April, one week into the term, I am not very impressed as they have known for sometime that the shirts were needed to start the term.

I am also unimpressed that they carry very little of our uniform size wise as well, I have had to order the polar fleece because they were sold out of the size I wanted.... overall I am so far unhappy with the whole experience.

K has been doing a holiday programme through Run rig she has loved it, Ben has been unsure about her doing a christian one, but no other groups offer this sort of thing for free and I have to say I think its been really good for her and her understanding of God etc.

WE had an awesome trip last Friday to Wellington, we took the kids to the Zoo, they absolutely loved the whole day, and did argue or anything all day which was great seeing it was such a long day for them all.

So its been a pretty good holidays, I have done some sewing and we have just hung out with friends etc.



I love the video that they did on the treadmills, well I found this clip on Wanda harlands blog, what a cool clip.....

creating is good.....

I have been on a sewing buzz for the last two weeks, I have made 4 baby slings, 2 dresses for me, some skinny jeans for the girls, a merino top for Ben and one the same for the wee boy.... I also have three skirts cut out as well....

I am really enjoying sewing and have been using fabric out of my stash which is great. I especially am liking sewing merino, its a delicious fabric to work with, it has natural stretch, and its just so easy to sew.

I am planning on challenging myself soon, I have seen some hot pink wool fabric and I could see it making a beautiful knee length coat, so I have decided that I want to get some and try to make a tailored coat, it will mean learning some new skills which will be really good for me.

Its really nice that the girls like that I make them clothes, I remember loving it when Mum and Grandma made us new clothes, we used to get a couple of complete outfits each season which was very exciting. I aren't quite up to that level yet but its nice to be able to make them clothes, and for less than I could buy them. for example I paid $18 for 1.8m of denim, out of that I got a skirt for K and I, a pair of skinny jeans for K and a pair for N, not bad really, 4 items for $18 plus the time it takes me to sew them.

So I am enjoying the value of sewing for our family and the enjoyment of getting compliments on what I make.


Black bow designs

I have started creating things for other people, I am unsure whether I want to go far with this and am trying to work out the tax implications of having my own wee business making baby slings and other baby/mummy related stuff.

I have made two baby slings this week, and the new owners love them, one is a ring sling the other a pouch sling, both were relatively easy to make and I enjoyed it, I also made a new ring one for Miss N and I to use, we love it.

I also made myself a dress that is breastfeeding friendly, I absolutely love it, its warm (merino) and stylish and I can easily and discreetly feed our wee girl wearing it.

So what do I do, continue with this and set up a wee business that's all legitimate, or do the under the table thing and hope that I don't get caught, I am leaning towards keeping all my receipts and running a receipt book and keeping 20% of my income aside for tax purposes just in case.


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