still living

hello, I haven't felt like blogging over the summer so I haven't. But today I decided to again, I have been thinking about it for a few weeks now but have been side tracked with kids and school etc.

We have had a great summer with a bit of travelling, in December we went to Christchurch so Ben could graduate with his PhD, that was awesome. it was great to complete the circle and to be able to celebrate his success.

We drove to Auckland for Christmas with Ben's sister and family, we had a great time, lots of fun and cool memories.

Our big girls Miss K and Miss L flew from Auckland to Christchurch by themselves. It was a huge adventure for them and was great for us to have a week without 4 kids.

They got to drive home from Oamaru in my parents 1935 Plymouth, so they had an experience that not many kids their age would have. Mum and Dad were heading to Wanganui for the International Vintage car rally. We had a couple of day trips with them, and we all had  a weekend together in New Plymouth too.

Life has settled down a bit now the big girls are back at school and Mr O is at kindy 3 times a week. seems strange to think that this time next year 3/4 of our children will be at school.

My health is still pretty crap but we have had some answers and have a basic plan in place for what happens next, doesn't fix the pain but its good to know more about what is wrong.

I am still loving roller derby and managed to finish my first full training in 6 months this week, I got new skates (again) in November and they have made a huge difference for me, I no longer have extremely sore feet when skating.

so thats a brief over view of life lately...

love D

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