triathlon day again

yep another one done... did it a bit differently today, K ran with a friends boy, then her and I biked, then I swam for us. (she swam in the little pool). L did it, she ran with a friends daughter, then biked beside her godmother who was pushing O in the pram. Ben did his first medium course which is 3.5km run (which he did with no stops) 15km bike, and 200m swim, I was really proud of all my family as they all went out and had a great time.

Its funny how something that I started doing for me has become something that my family now do. We have the kids tri series tomorrow night, so both of the girls will be doing that. Thankfully we have friends whose children are really athletic and love helping the girls which is great for us.



Deniel Hopkins said...
April 15, 2009 at 11:35 PM

good post....interesting narration :)
keep tri-ing

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