Merry Christmas

I hope you have had a great Christmas with family, friends or random strangers... we have been at home this year in our new house with our new baby, we didnt do anything flash, a very simple roast dinner, some nice music, presents under the tree and a new trampoline to play on.

Wee N is a month old today, and its her first xmas, shes been pretty good and I had a nice snooze with her this afternoon. The big girls had a great day, they love christmas, they have been so excited since school and kindy finished last week. They each bought presents for other family members this year which was really great.

So merry christmas everyone.


yay only 4 days to go.....

and amazingly we have all our shopping done, yay, just got to print some photos and courier parcels today, we have even got the groceries done so we dont have to do anything after today, yippy.

We have to put the kids big present up on Xmas eve, but that will take a few adults and probably one of us to make sure the girls stay in bed.


one week till xmas

its a week to go and I am semi organised, we aren't going anywhere this year which will be nice, its our first Christmas in our own home and as a family of 6. It would be nice to have been with the rest of our family but its going to be good being at our place too.

We are part way through our shopping, the kids presents are sorted, just Ben and I and extended family to do, but we have some ideas, and some things that we will make over the weekend.

Miss N has had a growth spurt this week which was really tiring for me, she wanted to feed every 2-3hrs which meant that I was quite tired. Last night she went back to sleeping 4-5 hrs though which was great. Breastfeeding is still going really well, and I am enjoying our wee baby girl. The big girls finished school and kindy for the year, so its them and I and the new nanny home for the next 5 weeks.


Mary Poppins is gone

Some of my readers may know that we have had a nanny for the last three months, its been great and we often refer to her as Mary Poppins.

Today was her last day with us and its been quite sad, L was devastated when she finished up, but things in life change and for us that change is having a new nanny start on Monday, Mary Poppins has been brilliant and a huge help with my pregnancy, the kids and around the house, and we will really miss her presence. Mary though has decided that she needs an education so is heading home to Chch to become a nurse. Shes going to be great at it and we hope she enjoys the challenges that lie ahead for her.

When we first decided to have a nanny it was very daunting, we knew that with my dodgy hips that I couldn't do some very basic things around here, even putting O in his cot was causing me lots of pain, it was strange at first having another set of adult hands here to help but its been a great experience for our family and I am glad that we have had this extra help when we need it.

So to Mary Poppins thank you, we will miss you heaps and good luck.

day 11

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, N is doing great, she sleeps around 3 hours at a time and is breastfeeding beautifully. Its like she has always been part of our family, or maybe its just that I am confident that I can do this so its just easier.

I have had Mum staying since last Sunday, it was great having her here esp as I got a chest infection and tonsillitis on Monday night so was very crook with that. Mum went home on Friday so now we are adjusting to being our wee family of 6.

I am still having issues with my hips, they haven't gone back to normal after N's birth, I am still getting pain walking or doing most normal activities. I am going to ring physio this week and see what they suggest that I do, I am still using the smiley belt, and am contemplating using crutches again, I find if I walk to school its semi-ok if I push the pram, a bit like a walking frame.

The older kids are really good with N, O is having a few issues but some of that is just that his position as the baby has changed in the family, L and K have taken it all in their stride, L had N as her news at kindy the other day which was very cool for her, I will take N to school one afternoon this week so K can show her to her class.

We have gotten a carrycot for our double mountain buggy which is great it means she has a bed for when we go out anywhere, we have used it a couple of times now (for school athletics, and a tri club race today).

K had her school athletics on Friday, I was really proud of her, even when she missed the height on the high jump she kept trying, and she wasn't last in any of her races like I would have been.


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