late but merry christmas

hope you all had a fabulous day celebrating with people that you love... we had Christmas here in Oamaru with my sister, parents and my Granny.... it was brilliant. great food, and great presents oh and great company :)

yesterday we had an early birthday tea for Benjamin, its his birthday on the 2nd but he will be in Chch writing and we will be at Lake Tekapo or here in Oamaru, yummy roast chicken and homemade lemon meringue pie for desert....

highs of 2010

wow, its nearly the end of the year, its been trying at times and hard work, but I have survived my first year as a Mama to four awesome little people...

so this year we clocked up some neat milestones, 12 years of being married, and year 6 of PhD land.... Miss N reached a lot of firsts, smiling, crawling, walking, still feeding. Mr O went from a cot sleeping, nappy wearing, dummy sucking little boy, to an independant kindy kid. Miss L started school which is a huge thing in itself and is taking it all in her stride, Miss K lost 3 teeth and has formed some great friendships which I hope will last her a life time.....

I have lost some weight, yay me, got my mobility back, started Black Bow designs, supported Ben in his study, got elected to NZLP Womens council, sponsored a sling walk, become a better friend,  owned our own house for a year and celebrated 12 months medication free... not too bad really.....

phd... the mistress that I know about

and a very demanding one at that....I know other wives that have felt the same, or you just feel like its totally taken over your Husbands life and that you come second to it... thank goodness the damn thing is close to being completed.


some places I like to go to read are  the awesome Stef, her travel and food photos are awesome, for political happenings I love THM.. for more intellectual stuff Deborah writes amazingly. I went to school with Anna and her blog makes me giggle.

A blog named fred is another that I visit often, and I love reading blogging project runway, but if you havent seen season 8 dont read it. Carla is another blogger I read, Tales of  a red headed devil is neat for crafty knitting madness.... I like reading Nick Verreos of project runway fame too....

hopefully you might find something you like above

love D

christmas is coming

and I am not organised enough at all, I have a present for K,L and N, but no ideas really for Mr3, we are on a really tight budget that is not helped by petrol hitting the $2 a litre mark. Most of our money is being used for our trip south next weekend.

my present was to get my hair coloured properly, so I now have nice blonde hair instead of terribly dyed at home brassy blonde hair... it seems like a strange present but it was something I wanted to get done and I love how it looks... and I had a voucher of 50% off which helped make it affordable.

I have made my sisters present and I won a gorgeous necklace for her earlier this year, I am making something for Mum and we are getting Dad a joint present. Ben choose his own present and hes pretty happy with that. Its the first time in ages that I have struggled to get organised and to be excited about it all, maybe it will get better once the girls finish school on Wednesday

this time next month

we shall be celebrating... yahoo, the PhD will be handed in and we will be able to relax a bit.. wahoo..... now to get through the next month...

night feeding

I need some help.. I am getting a bit tired of feeding bubs 3 or 4 times a night, I will not let her cry it out as I hate it.. so I am asking for strategies that worked for you... it seems the more stressed I am the more she wakes at night which isnt helping the situation at all....

she has yet to sleep the whole night and is over 12 months old, the longest sleep I have had since august last year is 7 hours....


questioning faith

I am not sure if its my faith that I am questioning or the lack of sense of belonging at the church I currently attend.. I have been feeling like this since I shifted back from Oamaru, a sense of dislocation from the community of my church and just not really feeling like I fit in... So next year I am going to see what else there is out there... I aren't 100% sure what I am looking for but I want to be happy in my choice.

I sometime wonder about my extended family too... I am a Labour supporter and quite open about it, I just wonder if I fit at all... some of it comes from having gone to uni, and I am not saying I am better than anyone, it just gives you a different outlook on life, some of it is political that my stance is different, and some is just that I have never really fitted in.

My parents are lefties too, so was my Grandma, I use to have awesome conversations with her about politics and who to vote for, she loved MMP, she lived in Wigram and could vote for Jim Anderton and vote Labour, best of both worlds she thought. I am just feeling a bit lost in a few ways and when that's happening its so easy to just question everything around you.

is it s a luxury...

I have decided lately that its great that we live so close to our school that there is no point what so ever in driving my girls to school. Its lead me to wonder though if that is a luxury or not.... We chose to move into our school zone so our children has automatic entry and we bought our house on the same street as school for convenience and because it was the right price.

What I also wondered was if what was normal for me of walking to and from school with out Mum was now not the norm for most kids... it was one of the factors in our shifting house too that we the girls be able to have some Independence in getting themselves either too or from school some days, Miss K loves being able to walk home with Miss L, I don't let them walk alone, they must be together. Its also nice that a lot of other children around us walk too.. and this morning I was able to get our neighbour to walk Miss L to school as Miss K is home sick.

Another advantage of our living so close to school and kindy is that I now use 1 tank of petrol a fortnight, which is half of what we were using when we had to drive to school. We did choose though to not send Miss K to our closest school when she started school as we intended to shift to the area we now live in.

Its also great that Ben is able to bike to and from work too, its a nuisance to do buses from our place as you have to go right into town then out to Massey, and he can bike the 7km in about 20 minutes which at peak times is quicker than driving there.


on the soapbox.. breastfeeding in Public

Some women I know staged a breastfeeding sit in last week to protest on of their friends treatment in a cafe.... the woman was approached and told not to feed there and that breastfeeding was unhygienic.... seriously? what country are we living in?

When I had K, I struggled a lot with breastfeeding her, and would use a shawl over us when she was tiny to breastfeed in public, as I got more confident I would just feed her whenever and wherever she needed it.... now I am happy and comfortable that I just feed when N needs it too....

I had a woman pull my top down over the side of my breast earlier this year, I found it strange and offensive that she thought she had the right to do that too me, esp as we were waiting in the women's health clinic at the Hospital... I didn't say anything and now wish I had.

Why does a woman breastfeeding in public cause such alarm among some people... to me its perfectly natural and normal to do this, I would never comment to a woman bottle feeding her baby that its unhygienic or disgusting yet people do this to breastfeeding mothers a lot.

I get the whole breasts are sexual thing, but seriously breasts are there to feed babies too... multi functional things breasts are..... but if you are classifying breasts as sexual and that they should not be seen in public like that, then had we better start covering our mouths and hands too. They can be used for sexual purposes too.

And as for the woman's comments that its not good for kids to see breasts... well I don't get that either.... my children are comfortable with me breastfeeding, and what parent has never had their child walk in to the bathroom when showering, little kids don't care about breasts... they are just breasts to them, nothing sexual in it.

Anyway, rant over, and big ups to the women who took a stand on this.

weight loss journey

its taking a while, but my journey is getting better, I was a size 24 after I had miss K, my hip measurement was 133cm, and my bust was 125cm, pretty big really, so I have been slowly loosing weight since then and getting more active, I measured myself in the weekend and my hips are 120cm and my bust is 116cm, wow, they are still too big but its awesome to see that I really am smaller than I was. I am hoping to start doing more exercise soon esp as its school holidays I want to start walking or biking more with the kids.

I am quite proud of myself, its a huge battle for me to not eat crap or drink coke and coffee laden with sugar, so its nice to see that it is paying off....



so I am still getting nasty headaches, I am trying to drink more water but still getting them, my GP suggested trying to lower my stress levels as that's probably whats causing them but its really hard for me to relax at the moment... I am worried about Christmas, about travelling, about money and about Ben getting his PhD finished... any ideas for relaxation would be welcomed....

I hate how it makes me act too, I am not liking the person I have been today, grumpy, head achy, just blah and not good....

love D

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