not feeling very happy

its Friday and I feel grumpy, the weather is gross which doesnt help, I feel cold and arent able to get warm and am just feeling really down today.

I am feeling a bit down about all sorts of things at the moment, the weather is getting to me, so is the housework, the kids, the husband etc... I dont even have much patience for my expanding belly today, I have been going to bed early but arent sleeping that well, between kids waking and my bladder needing emptying I dont get more than 3 hrs sleep in a row which isnt helping much either.

At the moment I just want to crawl into bed and have a wee snooze but thats not going to happen, O will have a sleep this afternoon, and L is pretty easy to entertain, shes learning how to play better on her own which is really good.


I broke the swiss ball at physio

I have been getting physio for my dodgy hips and was sitting on the swiss ball near the end of our session when next thing you know I was flat on my back, the only thing to do was just laugh because we all know those damn balls arent supposed to burst. The poor physio was quite concerned, its not a good look to have pregnant women laying on their backs laying because of a broken ball.

So I am ok from this wee fall, my bottom is a bit sore though, and my pride just a little dented, yes I am overweight but those damn balls are weight tested to over 1000 pounds and I sure as heck arent that big.

uncomfy bump

I am 23 weeks pregnant today, so anywhere from 15 to 19 weeks to go... baby has been laying in a transverse position until up to today, its been very uncomfortable and made bending in half very hard.

Over night it seems to have moved over to my left and is laying up and down.... am feeling a bit better after that. Last night I had to go to bed early as my head wasn't feeling good, was really light headed and dizzy if I moved to quick, the joys of pregnancy hm mm

I get asked if this is my last baby and I say yes definitely, its interesting how many people think that we will have more... but its not going to happen, I also get the do you know what you are having question... and the "as long as its healthy". that second comment I just don't get, if its not healthy then it means a bit more stress on us but its not like we would love it any less. it just seems like such a strange thing to say in some ways, yes we would like it to be perfect but if it isn't so what.

Anyway, I am enjoying that this is my last baby, I just know that this is my last, and have no inclination at all to have more than the four this will give us.

walking to school and back

the best thing about where we live (other than that we own it) is that we are on the same street as school, our house is number 7 school is number 41, so we are very close and on the same side of the road.

We walk to school and back three times a day due to kindy finishing at 12:30 and then picking miss K up at 3pm.... well its taken a few weeks but today she walked home (well scootered actually) by herself, she knew not to take the small shortcut and use the loop in the road. I am really proud of her, shes only 6. She seemed very proud of herself when she got home too... it was great because she gets to develop self confidence, and be aware of her surroundings, we have talked to her about not talking to people she doesnt know, not stopping and just walking home to us.

It also means that I can move O's sleeps to the afternoons and he wont have to be woken every day to go get one of his sisters from school or kindy.

Its neat that shes growing up and getting to experience things that a lot of children dont get to because of distance or other circumstances that mean they are taken to and from school.

my Eldest child is 6 today

wow, we have made it this far, yay. K is 6, sometimes I look at her and wonder how shes grown up so much and how beautiful she is. Shes an awesome person and I am glad shes my daughter.

We got her a new bike and backpack, the bike is a 20" with gears so a bit of a step up for her, but shes very excited that shes got a big bike....

I can still remember really well the day I gave birth to her. The day before we had thought it was going to happen so Ben stayed home for the day and we watched NZ win the Netball world cup. I talked lots to Mum on the phone and was really excited. That evening we went up to the hospital because I hadn't had the required 10 kicks and got monitored, (thats the night I met my current midwife).

The next day I just snoozed, and mucked around wondering if "baby" would make an appearance before my Mums surgery the next morning. I had another day of not getting enough movement so organised to meet my Midwife at the hospital at 8:15pm. Around 8pm we checked some stuff online and I had my first contraction, we met our Midwife as organised, and after monitoring on the CTG we decided that it was all go, by this time Ben and I started thinking that baby would be born on due date. But that wasn't to be...

K was born at 10:17pm, just over 2 hrs after my first contraction. It was all very fast and now when I look back it seems a bit too quick in some ways. Unfortunately I had a huge hemorrhage after I had her and ended up in theatre which wasn't great. K was small for being on time and on the 23rd she went to neonates for treatment for jaundice and being cold. It was a bit scary as all my family were in Dunedin with Mum.

It was great that she was born on the 22nd, Mum knew she had a Granddaugther before she had her heart surgery and had seen pictures of her.

So thats a rough birth story of how we had our wee girl....D

RED footwear

As any girl who went to Southland girls can attest, red shoes are the worst part of the uniform.... I hated them with a passion, bright red lace ups, yucky... well today I found some new maturity when it came to red footwear... I bought some red lace up boots for winter, they are funky and I love them, nothing like those horrid shoes, but I do wonder why its taken 15 years for me to venture near red footwear again?

I still dont wear forest green though which was the colour of two of my school uniforms, possibly because I look horrid in forest green, and secondly because I was bullied a lot at those two schools so do not have fond memories of wearing that colour.

But for today I celebrate the release from my fears of red shoes, and feel very sexy in my hot red boots.

loving being in the south

We are still just mucking around at Mum and Dads. Rebecca took the girls for a drive in her wee MGB today, it was sunny so we put the hood down, apparently they just cracked up the whole time with laughter.

Its lovely and sunny here today so I am going to take the kids down to the harbour for a look. Its something we like to do, I doubt the waves on the breakwater will be very good though, there's no wind.

Its nice just doing nothing, pretty much what we would have done at home but we are in Oamaru instead, Rebecca took the girls to see Hannah Montana yesterday. It sounds like they really enjoyed it, I am glad that I didnt have to go though.


Posting from the Mainland

Yep, I am in Oamaru, its cold today, overcast, but we did have a frost over night, the kids are absolutely loving being here, they were so excited that driving to Wellington it was are we there yet....

Things arent 100% great down here, Mums close friend died from Leukemia last week, she was only diagnosed 3 weeks earlier. Its been a huge shock to them as she was only 53 years old.

We have a pretty quiet week planned and I am looking forward to seeing my sister tomorrow providing that shes not snowed in again.

Anyway its great to be here and just hanging out with my parents.


quiet weekend at home

We have had a relatively quiet weekend here which has been a nice way to start the holidays, yesterday Ben made us pikelets for breakfast, I did a sausage sizzle fundraiser for Girls brigade, we just generally mucked around the house.

Today I have managed to sort our living room out which is great, its actually normal looking and has more furniture than just a couch, tv, and camp chairs.Tomorrow I think I might attack the kitchen and/or the washing, the rain puts a dampener on getting washing dry.

I also need to look at packing to head south on Thursday. But for now I am enjoying one sorted room, the smell of chicken roasting and relative quiet as the kids watch Postman Pat.

The only bad bit has been that Mr O is sick, hes got a temp and in very clingy, turns out he has a chest infection, poor wee thing totally explains why hes miserable.


Tricky social situation

I call on you my readers (if I have any) to help me with suggestions on how to deal with a tricky social situation that has occurred.

WE asked Miss K who she would like to come to her birthday later this month, first it was her whole class.. we convinced her that wasnt happening, next we said 4 friends... so she named them a b c d... miss A is not a possiblity due to her mum and I not being on speaking terms at all... we were once friends but that has long since disappeared, the two girls are at school together, girls brigade and church. Its not an easy situation to handle but I havent had to face this yet.

So do we blanket say no miss A cant come, or explain why she cant come, or do we invite her?

Help invited please

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