have been away

Bubs and I went to Auckland for a few days, to do the sling walk and to go to Labour party conference.

It was great to get away from the normal routine and to meet lots of old friends and meet some new ones too.... Baby girl was really good and it was nice just being her and I.

the slingwalk was awesome... over 70 people attended it, it was a stunning day and I got tomato red sunburn which was so painful (note to self: put sunblock on when you take your cardy off)

Conference was good too, I got elected onto Womens council which is very cool, I havent been on it since 2003.



I need a bit of help... I am flat and down, but am trying to keep moving, I need some ideas of something I could do for myself to help move forward.. I am trying to be positive and keep moving forward, taking my medication again is helping but I need to do a bit more than just that.

I am going to Auckland for a weekend just soon which I am really looking forward too... so I was thinking about what clothes to take, they need to be smart, but comfortable and feeding friendly, I have 2 sling orders to do then I can create something nice for me, I am a sponsor for the sling walk so want to wear something nice to that, but not ott.... will need to think about comfy shoes too... hmmm I know it all sounds shallow but its giving me something positive to think about and to do for me, I also want to have another sort out of my clothing.. I have far too much.

love D

rough patch

I have hit a low patch... I am pleased though that I saw it coming and have started taking my medication again, I had been off my anti depressants for 12 months which is the longest since I was 17 so I am really pleased about that, it shows that I can do ok with life. But things have been getting on top of me and my anxiety levels have been out of whack so I have started on my meds again. Its been 2 weeks now and they are slowly beginning to work which is good.

I am really pleased though that it wasn't Mum or Ben telling me I was low this time, I saw it coming and took action which was really good. I hate feeling like this and am hoping that once the meds kick in I will start feeling a lot better again, its so annoying I have so much in my life to be grateful for yet I feel like crap.... oh well maybe things will get better soon.

love D

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