project 2011 11/52

I have been slacking with my blogging... life has been busy... and this week I have achieved very little....
  • I have made a pattern for trousers tonight at pattern drafting course.
  • watched roller derby practice
  • spent time hanging out with my sister who is staying with us
I havent done very much at all, I spent the weekend sick in bed with Mastitis so didnt skate this week as was feeling too tired from that. and nothing else is happening either.

love D

project 2011 10/52

mm what have I done this week...
  • I have fallen more in love with roller derby training even though its killing me lol
  • sewn a skirt from a pattern that I made, yay
  • been to Gisborne and back for Labour party stuff
  • been to pattern drafting course, am loving that too
  • lost 500 grams
  • decided to drop the number of breastfeeds Miss N gets
I am loving Roller derby/freshmeat training, its awesome, so physically challenging for me and its a real sense of achievement each time I learn something new. The weight loss is back on track, the skating is helping with that one. I am enjoying learning how to make patterns for sewing, I made a skirt today from my pattern and it fitted beautifully, I need to make some small adjustments to the length and to the curve on the hip otherwise its brilliant.

Love D

project 2011 8/52

Hello, mm just trying to think what I have achieved this week, so weeks it feels like you cannot remember what you did yesterday let alone last week lol.

this week I have
  • finished two slings that were ordered
  • continued helping with Handmade for Christchurch
  • helped the girls do triathlon and skating
  • started freshmeat training for rollerderby
  • organised for N and I to go to Gisborne for this coming weekend
I cannot think what else I have done, but that seems like an ok list.

back home

yay, Benjamin is home, its been a busy week and its nice to have him back...

I have often read the paper and seen people in power slamming Mums on the DPb, saying that they choose to be on it etc, I have just spent the week parenting by myself with 4 children and I can't say I would be in a hurry to leave what I have just for the money.... it was damn hard work, I couldnt step out when things got to much, I had to do everything, when Ben is here I have the option of back up on issues, someone to take over, or to share the load.

Instead of slamming those women who are on the DPB we should be supporting them, its a tough job being a parent, and even tougher doing it on your own. We should be looking at flexible childcare arrangements if they want to work, we need to think about funding retraining again so that they can get off the DPB and work in meaningful employment if they want to, we should also be supporting their right to be at home with their children too... and thats not happening at all. Its not ok to say if you are on the DPB you should be looking for a job when your baby is 14 weeks old.. its better for that mum and baby if she is supported to look after that baby and has the help finacially to do it....

Its good occasionally to do things differently it gives you an appreciation for how things are.

love D

project 2011 9/52

Sorry I missed last week, but it was too hard to blog...but this week I have been busy

I have :
  • nearly finished two slings (one of which is going to a Chch family displaced by the earthquake
  • donated a sling to Handmade for Christchurch
  • helped behind the scenes with Handmade for Christchurch
  • parented alone since Sunday and not gone insane
  • Helped the girls do triathlon on Monday, skating on Tuesday, and Girls brigade today, 
  • stayed the same weight
  • started a pattern drafting course
  • Blogged on connect2mums
So a wee bit going on, Benjamin is in Chch helping his family and helping run a foodbank in one of the most affected areas, I am really proud of him and hes doing an awesome job

love D

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