project 2011

I have been a bit slack on this, but  heres a rough round up of my last couple of weeks
  • made some orders, and been sewing bits and pieces
  • survived the school holidays
  • had an awesome easter egg hunt
  • caught up with friends
  • kept skating :)
  • had lovely family time


its Easter Sunday and we have just had a big egg hunt,

Miss N has certainly enjoyed it and she worked out what she was up to pretty quickly... eggs=yummy, anyway the photos speak for themselves...


new skates

I ordered some skates about 3 weeks ago and they arrived yesterday, I was like a wee kid at Christmas, I have got some Riedell Vixens, with red flat out radar wheels and red laces. I was so excited that I went out to the rink for a skate last night on them and I am in love.

They are lighter than the hire ones, and I can actually turn in them, I need to relearn how to stop etc though as they are looser in the trucks so they move nicer but will take a wee bit for me to get use to them.

I have had awesome service from Trudy at onewoman eight wheels and she came out to drop them off to me and met me at the rink to tune them up a bit too... shes awesome.

My skates are possibly a bit much for me at the moment but I decided it was better to get the best I could afford so that I am not having to look at buying new ones in 8 months time because I have improved etc.

love D

dark feelings snuck up on me

I have just burst into tears because N wanted yet another feed... stupid really... crying over a bloody feed..... I am sitting here surrounded by a huge muddle, the kids are stuck inside cos its been raining and I am loosing the plot in my head...

N is 18 months this week, so its 19 months since I stopped taking my meds (bar 2 weeks last year) but today I am wondering if I should go back on them, my mood is quite low, I am tired for no reason, and cant get out of my own way....

me thinks I better talk to Ben and look at going to see my GP and get sorted. I hate feeling like this, and I know that it will just get worse if I dont sort it out now.

love D

playing sport

I am not a natural athlete, actually I have avoided organised sport for most of my life, I have done some triathlons, but nothing team related or involving contact, well this has all changed, I have started freshmeat training for Roller Derby... and I LOVE it!!! who would have thought I would like sport.

I love the challenge of learning to skate again and the skills that we are learning, I love the sense of belonging, I like getting to wear short shorts and not caring that my butt is huge. I love being with a group of women who aren't judging each other about our looks/weight/backgrounds/kids/incomes. Its amazing. I am finding it so freeing.

I am also enjoying being able to break out of the suburban housewife role that I find myself in, derby gives me an outlet to be aggressive if I want, to be physical, to wear fishnets,  to swear, to be free....

I never thought I would find a sport that I wanted to do, but this I am addicted to, I love it.

project 2011 13/52

sorry I missed last week, I cannot even remember why :)

so this weeks achievements include
  • finishing my skirt/trouser pattern drafting course
  • making a very stylish skirt
  • having a stall at Mamas market
  • getting elected onto the Labour party moderating committee to compile our party list
  • going out for drinks with derby girls
  • managing to do a knee drop and get up without using my hands at freshmeat
I am sure there is more but I am struggling to remember. Life has been really hectic the last few weeks so I am really looking forward to the school holidays and some time out.

love D

pro choice blogswarm

Some awesome feminist writers I know are all blogging about Abortion today, I suggest that you go and read their posts. Try The Hand Mirror, A bee of a certain age, a touch of the crazy for starters, THM has a list of others who have blogged on this too....

I am pro choice, I personally though would not choose to have an abortion, its not something that I would do, but I do not want to project my own moral stance on to every woman that may need to have one. Its about choice, its about our bodies, and about us making the decision that suits us at the time we are making that decision.

I have 3 daughters, I like to hope/wish that they will never be in the position of deciding about continuing a pregnancy or not, but if they are in that situation I hope things will have changed enough so that they not have to convince Dr's that  they are mentally incapable of continuing a pregnancy, and that abortion will be considered a health issue not a part of the crimes act.

It is about choice, it is about having abortion available and it is about women having autonomy over our own bodies, carrying a pregnancy is difficult, I know I have had 5 (1 loss). The physical toll of those pregnancies will stay with me, its not something I would want to go through with because I had no choice in the matter....

I would suggest that you go read the above blogs, their posts are awesome and make lots of sense, mine is more to bring attention to the matter on World Health Day and its an election year, so bring this issue to the attention of MP's and candidates.

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