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I have been to a different hairdressers today, I've had a toner put through the blonde, and about 3 inches cut off my hair, its looking better, and i think i will cope till january when I can start making the dark hair lighter.

On the saga of the old hairdressers, i rung them yesterday asking for my money back as I wasnt happy with the process etc... they said they would get back to me, which they did this morning.... well to say I am pissed off is being polite, i was pretty much told that it was my fault for getting the colour and beat this that they should have charged me more... wtf?

So I have decided that I will never step foot inside that hairdressers again...

ps on other stuff.. k has moved up two levels for her sight words, L is sticking to her teenage girlfriends like glue (its very cute) and O is sick again (tonsilitis this time)

pps.... we are off to invers next week.... will be fun get to see family and my grandma is turning 80, that is if i survive this weekend in wellington with bens family

crappy hair cont

So its looking even worse today.... will add some pics later... but here are some of it so far... The first pic is saturday afternoon, the second is of Ben and I, the other two are on thursday morning after the stripping process. I am so unhappy with it... hairdresser isnt open till tomorrow and I am just confused as to what to do about it. D

bad bad hair day

ok... you have all seen the pics of the red hair... well it started turning my blonde hair pink so i went back to the hairdressers and she charged me $40 to try to strip the colour... then yesterday she charged me another $80 to dye it again..... its looking yuck and my grandmas birthdya is coming up but thats another story.....

whenever i have had the hairdresser stuff up in the past I havent paid to fix it.... this time i did... I think I will ring tomorrow and complain and ask for a refund as i am totally unhappy about the whole thing and to top it off the red is showing through under the brown.....

I would normally be really proactive on this sort of thing but I arent being... please give advice on what i should do.....


One on thursday

yep hes one this week, it doesn't seem like a year since i gave birth to the wee fella, maybe time does speed up as an adult. This time last year i was in oamaru, with my parents and Ben waiting for this wee chap to arrive, he took another couple of days and arrived in the same rush as his two big sisters. We didn't know that he was a boy which was an awesome surprise when our midwife handed him to us saying its a lovely surprise for you.

He weighed in at 8pd 12 oz and took 2hrs 10 minutes from start to finish to be born. he is also my first baby that i have breastfeed till 12 months, i am really proud of myself for achieving this as i had huge problems breastfeeding k and l wasn't always very easy either.

So Happy birthday little man, we love having you as part of our family

i am sick again

i predicted this on saturday that my body would rebel sometime this week and that i would get sick... well 11pm last night it decided was a good time to do this.

So off i went to the drs this afternoon... in immense pain and discomfort.. turns out that i have a kidney infection so a week of antibiotics, some painkillers, lots of rest and fluids should see me right. I havent had a kidney infection before but its so painful. its taken codiene and panadol to take the edge off it.

Poor Ben had to take the day off to look after us all, and he made yummy chicken soup for tea, and homemade lemonade for us to drink. hes such a good person :)

oh by the way

i achieved my aims for last week... yay.

Sick kiddies

i have three sick kids... i hate it when this happens. K has a chest infection, O has an ear infection, and L has tonsilitis and an ear infection, so we didnt get much sleep here last night, and I doubt it will be much better tonight.

i dont mind having one or two of them sick at once, but all three sick is damn hard, they are all clingy and miserable and its hard to balance all their needs by yourself. oh well they all have antibiotics so should be feeling better by tomorrow evening.


ps i have been wondering if this is a political blog by a mum, or a blog by a mum who is politically active... strange thought really i think its the latter.. a blog by a politically active mum


I am feeling flat, unmotivated and generally uninspired, I have started doing my housework, but just dont feel like doing much really... its the flat that happens after a huge buzz or emotionally tiring time so I arent too bothered by it, a couple of days and I will be back to normal, today is just a day to think about what our plans our and what the next three years will bring, we are looking at jobs, houses etc, I have finally decided that Palmy isnt that bad so maybe I should make more of a go of it living here.

its also a kindy day so I might go for a walk with lil man while L is at kindy. L is currently listening to a winnie the pooh story on cd, she loves it and the two my little pony ones we have, shes just about memorised the whole things.

The poor kids all have colds too which isnt very nice, but we have gotten used to that really, its just part of having three kids.


the morning after

We kept our seat which was an awesome thing considering the swing to the right, We have worked really hard for this so it was something good in a night of sadness.

I am feeling sad that the country has voted national in, but this is a democracy albeit a very immature one. I am also sad that Helen is no longer the leader of the labour party. I have a lot of respect for her and admire her a lot... poor wee K cried when I told her she wasnt our PM anymore.

I have learnt alot this campaing, the main thing being that I am still very much passionate about being Labour and about politics, Mum asked me this morning if this meant a political career once the kids are older and to be honest that doesnt sound too bad.

So we now return to our normal life, back to the normal routines and housework etc which will start again tomorrow, for today we savour the small victory that was ours in winning this seat by going out to lunch with our new Mp and his lovely family.

return to normality...

after election day we will resume normal broadcast lol.... We are still doing stuff with the kids and enjoying new things, K was reading me her story from school the other day, it was so cute a bit of a change from me reading to her.

L is finally interacting more at kindy, she was a bit reserved but has a wee friend who she plays with most days, her wee friend has a wee bro who plays with O, its all very cute,

O is beginning to walk from one thing to another, not very far but its a start, hes one in a fortnight, I am thinking that a tonka truck will be a good toy, or some large toy cars, he pushes lots of stuff around the floor lately, its so neat. hes quite a clown at time, hes been blowing raspberries lately and just cracks up if we do them back....

They are all getting on really well, I was unsure whether three in just over four years would work, but so far we are surviving and enjoying them.

We are hoping to get away camping this summer, will be good fun as we havent been away in our tent for nearly 2 years.

So hopefully this brings us up to date for now.....

love D


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these are some pics that I have taken.... I got my hair done yesterday and am loving it, its actually heaps brighter than this, but its hard to take your own pics.
there are three huge chunks of red overall, looks really cool when my hair is tied up too....

The photo of Ben is during the dye process... so I will post a after shot of him later today

final blog before E day

I have been out campaigning this morning, Our first stop was a street corner with malcolm plimmer oppostie, it was lighthearted and good fun, we outnumbered him 6 to 1. our second event was not so nice. We organised to meet at the terrace end shops to talk to mr key. some of his party members took offence to our freedom and rights to be there and assaulted one of our crew.

We made huge media coverage on this, but it wasnt a nice thing to be involved in, I was on the sidelines with the kids, and when I was involved the kids were safe.

I wasnt that impressed with Mr key... he was slippery and when I asked him about kiwisaver etc he just laughed my concerns off.... damn typical I suspect.

Anyway I have added some links for you all to see what happened and make up your own minds.


two aims for this week

both quite different to each other....

The first is to get people out to vote... we are really lucky to have the right to vote here and the freedom to express out political beliefs.... so if you are reading go out and vote....

my second aim for this week is to be dressed nicely, to make and effort to feel good about my self... so its a hair done, make up on and wear nice clothes week for me... its so easy as a mum to let yourself go so i am aiming to not do this this week.

feeling out on the street

I have been out a bit campaigning in the last few days, its been great fun and we are getting a really good response from people on the street. the feel I get is that people dont want a change, and that steady as she goes is a good thing in the current financial situation.

We do have people come up and tell us that we are wrong etc so I am not under any illusions that winning is a done deal.

I am going to place my vote early this year as I will be quite busy on election day, this is the first time that I will have done it but am thinking its a lot easier to remember to do in the next couple of days than on saturday.


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