extremely proud and relieved

Last week was extremely stressful, after trying to get the thesis submitted by the 21st, we came home with it still to be finished.... and it was all ready to send on Thursday, which I helped Ben to do, I saw it all bound and printed and was very proud..... But there was a mistake... word in all its glory had changed the figure titles so it was printed wrong, poor Ben spent Friday fixing it, printing it, couriering it and hoping like anything that it would get to Canterbury University on time for submission today.....

and it got there... what relief... its done, submitted and we can relax for ten minutes (we did this weekend, it was awesome). What comes next is an oral defense of his work to two examiners, then some changes and its finally accepted and he will be able to graduated and add Dr to the front of his Name or use PhD behind it... pretty bloody amazing and I am so so proud of him.

project 2011 4/52

so far I am managing to stick at this, yay me.

I am totally hanging out for school to go back, and I have achieved a few things this week
1. tidied and sorted big daughters clothing
2. half sorted my clothes
3. met a blog/facebook friend in real life for coffee and shes even more awesome than I thought she would be
4. completed my first week using my fitness pal and watching what I eat.
5. cried with happiness because the phd was couriered to Uni today....

not huge things, just little and trying to get through till next week.

for sale one tired grumpy mama

today I am struggling, Mr O will not use his words, instead he screams, and cries about everything and I feel I am losing the plot with him... I don't know what to do...hes fighting with his sisters, kicking, shoving, and being quite aggressive... I just want to yell and scream at him but I know that its not going to help at all..... its a lovely day and I should be happy but I feel miserable... so am thinking that instead of selling the kids maybe we should sell me

home sweet home

we had an awesome 5 weeks at Mum and Dad's and loved being with them.... but there is something nice about coming home to our own space and our own things....

project 2011 3/52

sorry this is 2 days late, we were flat out on Thursday with visitors and packing etc to start heading home from our holiday....

on my achieved this week, I made some nice 3/4 pants for me, and learned that making ruffles isnt fun... I also sold some jackets for a friend via my facebook page....

I started keeping track of my eating too which is good too....


eating better

with not walking to school and back everyday and xmas etc my weight has crept up a little bit... so today I am looking at how and what I eat, am going to record everything and see where I can make changes.

it should be an interesting exercise for me and might be a bit scary... I am using my fitness pal..... which helps me track my calories etc...

project 2011 2/52

mm week 2.... my biggest achievement may be rather small but I am really proud of myself... I baked a banana cake all by myself... now this may seems insignificant, but I do not bake... at all... never ever, not since I was at school.... and it tasted good too, yay me

my other achievements this week were to make 2 pair of pants and 2 skirts on Sunday with Mum for Mum.... and I am still doing good with the no coke thing, yay for that too.... I have some other things cut out which I am going to do this weekend.

so not doing too bad overall... no change in weight which is ok.. I am pretty tired so I am not too worried about that one.

love D

lightweight blogger

I read all sorts of blogs, chatty ones, feminist ones, political ones, TV ones.... I was reading some heavy feminist ones this morning which made me question my own personal blogging... I have all sorts of thoughts but I don't often blog about them, I guess I don't want to offend family who might read this... but why?

its my blog yet I worry about others sensibilities when they read it... very strange and maybe I need to think less about this when I am writing. I am not a hugely intellectual writer but I do think a lot about things that are happening around me and in the world at large and so I am going to write more about some of those things too....

So here's to me and writing things that might provoke thought in others.....

gorgeous pictures....

this speaks for itself really...... one lot are more offensive than the others.. I know which ones offend me more.


project 2011 1/52

accountability to myself for myself.... this is about me being honest and making progress on goals that I have set myself.....

this week as of Monday I have stopped drinking fizzy drink.... no more sneaky cans of coke in the car, no more drinking over 1l of coke in a day..... coke is a treat... so shall be consumed occasionally at a meal out etc... not for everyday consumption. so 5 days so far without it....

I have weighed and measured myself.... 94.5kg, 119cm hips and bust and 110cm hips and 163cm tall... hourglass without the defined waist... the goal is to get to 75kg... it will take time but I will do it.

this year is about improving me and I have started that.

love D

down under feminists carnival

its up and my breastfeeding in public piece is in it.. yay me.... there are some awesome feminists blogging that are well worth reading so go ahead and enjoy

project 2011

I found this on another blog.. but its all about keeping yourself accountable by blogging on Thursdays what you have achieved this week...... I am going to use it as a way to keep myself on track for my goals this year....

to do this year

this year I want to.....

  • enjoy time with my husband, children, parents, sister, other family and friends
  • lose 10kg, not because of vanity but because of health
  • further develop Black Bow designs
  • declutter, esp my wardrobe....
  • learn to sew better (learn some new skills and pattern drafting etc)
a small list but obtainable I think....

love D

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