christmas was awesome

We had a lovely time, our parents all got along and the kids were spoilt. We had great food, nice presents and great company.

We spent boxing day pulling out the front fence, its the old concrete from the driveway that the previous owners stacked up and grew plants all over... so now its gone and will be grass instead.

We are waiting for a real estate agent to come today to give us a market appraisal for the property and Ben and I are off to a bank to see how much we will be able to borrow etc. We are hoping to move closer to school and into a better area. We dont like the amount of traffic that cuts across our driveway as it leaves the school/swimming pool, and its only going to get worse when the council changes the parking here.

its exciting to be looking at buying our own home... we are still trying to work out exactly what we are looking for but its going to be good to know figures finacially for doing it.


anxiety goes nuts...

i have often battled with anxiety and today its driving me nuts, i am struggling to get organised for mum and dads arrival, i am feeling a bit panicky about it all, and just about paralysed into doing nothing....

I hate this feeling and find it quite difficult to over come.... any hints would be good... i am trying to think it through rationally and have got some of it done but its not easy.


An amazing gift

some of you who read this will know that my relationship with my in laws has been difficult and very painful. Some of it is my fault some of it is theirs. It has been a very uneasy relationship for the 12 years that Benjamin and I have been together.

Yesterday my Father in law rung me, hes been doing Landmark education and is doing a communication course this weekend. He rung to apologise for how he has treated me and to say he loves me. I am totally blown away by this. We had come to expect uneasiness with bens parents so for this to happen is a huge step for Benjamin, Clemens and I.

I am still in shock and trying to process it all, its a new beginning for us as a family and hopefully will lead to a closer relationship for us all.

We still have difficulties with Bens mum and I don't see this changing anytime in the future. But for now i am celebrating a new possibility of having a closer relationship with my Father in law and for our children to get to know their Grosspapa a lot better.

Christmas does still bring miracles, be they big or small and our family has recieved a lovely one this year.


So i have procrastinated a lot about christmas this year. we finally got a tree yesterday and the girls helped me decorate it. I have done most of the shopping for pressies, just Santa to do, and to make some pressies for our parents.

We have mum and dad arriving on tuesday, and Bens papa on Wed. have heaps to do before that but we are slowly getting everything ready for them

random update

The trip south....

We had a great trip to invers and back... my home town is still pretty much the same as it was when I left 14 yrs ago. It was awesome to catch up with family and to get some new pics of everyone. We stayed with my cousin Sam and her hubby which was really cool. Sam was one of my junior bridesmaids when we got married.

We managed a day trip into mount cook which was fab. was a bummer that it rained but was still worth the trip, we got to look around Beccas work and went to the tasman glacier lake.

On our way back we called into parliament and saw Iain at work. was great to catch up with other mps that we know and Katja got to meet Helen Clark which made her day.

The hair saga is over, I have had some brown streaks added to the top section of hair, and blonde added to the brown, so now its looking really nice and I am happy with it/

I am off to wellington to Tuesday night to attend a landmark thing for my Father in law, its nice to be asked to do something for him,

I still havent got much xmas shopping done, but am feeling more christmaslike after attending the childrens service at church this morning. We have got my father in law and my parents coming up which will be so cool.


cant be bothered..

I am supposed to be packing to head south tomorrow, and my motivation is zero... I have made a list of what we need to take, and thats about as far as I have gotten.

We are heading south for my grandmas 80th birthday, tomorrow night we will stay in chch, then Dad will pick us up on thursday and take us to Oamaru, on Friday we will drive to Invercargill, and all go out for tea with Granny. On Sunday we will head back to Oamaru, then on wednesday drive to chch then fly to wlg then drive home... man it all looks nuts when written down like that, and perhaps it is, but i only have one grandparent left so I am willing to do this for her birthday.

The girls are really excited about it, they love seeing my parents, but I think Aunty Becca (my sister) is more excited about seeing her kids than they are about seeing everyone. thats one drawback of living in the north island.

So I had better get my unmotivated butt into gear and get packed to go south.

ps... i survived the night with the inlaws... as per usual I didnt get spoken to very much by mil, but then I didnt go out of my own way to talk to her, did talk to my fil though which was really nice.

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