to keep my uterus or not....

after a few months of tests and being mucked around by the public gynaecology team we decided in January to go private to see a Gynaecologist and get his opinion on what was causing all my issues.

He was brilliant, treated me respectfully (which had been lacking from registrars at the hospital) and he discussed what he thought we should do to see if we could sort out my pain issues. The first step was removing the mirena I had for birth control, second was to trial 3 months of taking the pill. If the pill didn't help to control ovulation and bring some relief then when I next see him its to decide whether to do a hysterectomy or not......

I have done 2 months of the pill taking so far and its not done a lot, its more of a hassle really, so after much discussion with Ben, my Mum and my GP I have decided that I will go ahead and have the surgery. I figured that I am 35 in May, I have 4 children and no desire to have anymore, so its a redundant organ for me. My family has a long herstory of Gynae issues and I know that mine will just get worse.

Because we have the luxury of health insurance I am going to go private to get this done, to go public I would be waiting 12-18 months and I don't want to spend that long with decreased quality of life from the pain and having to take some pretty nasty pain killers. Its impacting on Ben and the kids and its been 9 months already why drag this out even further...

there are still a few what ifs about it all, but no surgery is guaranteed to solve all of the issues so we will just hope that this works.

love D

skating for survival

I spent a lot of time struggling to get skating last year, issues with skates and then my health being dodgy meant I skated a lot less than I wanted too.... So I set myself a goal for now, and that is to get through the 12 weeks of freshmeat without more than 3 sessions off. I had the first one off due to health but have done the last couple, I managed to skate for the whole 2 hours and was really pleased when some of the things I hadn't been able to do have become skills I now can do.

I have struggled to learn to t stop and to cross over, both things I need to be able to do to pass freshmeat. There is a set list of skills that we have to be able to do to be considered safe to be allowed to learn how to play roller derby, I wonder if similar things being in place would cut injuries in other games too, eg you must pass a basic skills course to be allowed to play rugby. The governing body has designed a test of things that are needed to be passed as well as a written test too. Its the first sport I have been involved with that you have to be skills tested to play.

The skates that I so proudly showed off earlier last year turned out to be the wrong skates for me and I sold them. I was having huge amounts of foot pain when wearing them which was from them being too narrow and too long for my foot. I spent a lot of time researching and talking to people and got some Vanilla brass knuckle 2.0 boots with a Suregrip mg Avenger plate custom mounted for me from the awesome G-no Evil at Leadjammer Skates. The set up is proving to be perfect for me, my skating form is improving and I can skate for 2 hours without sore feet.

so my love affair with derby is continuing, our home league has lots of bouts for this year and there is always the chance to go somewhere else to watch games too, the home season in Wellington is great for seeing well played derby.

love D

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