date night

we have been having some issues with Miss K going to bed and staying there, we are not sure if its an attention seeking thing or if there is some reason that she wont talk to us about, so last weekend we instituted a tick chart... stay in bed 5 nights in a row and Mama will take you out for a fluffy as a reward.. well it did work, and last night her and I put on our nice dresses and went out for hot chocolates and ice cream..... it was really nice to have some one on one time with her and we were able to talk about some things which was great.

Miss L currently has a tick chart going too.. hers is to do with eating all her tea.... she often will eat 5 or 6 mouthfuls then say shes finished, so shes been making a real effort to eat all her tea, shes got her 5 ticks and I will plan something for her and I next week I think.

the problem though is that Miss K earned her 5 ticks then stopped staying in bed... so do we start the chart again? or does some other measure need to be taken?


Monday, Monday

and the words to that song often  goes around in my head on a monday morning when I am trying to catch up on things, but this morning I have hung out washing and am about to start tidying the living room, its so warm though that I have got the air con going....

And this afternoon I get to go to breastfeeding group which will be really good, I love going to it, and am proud that I have gotten bubs to 12 months breastfed with no formula or bottles at all, yay, so 2/4 have been breastfed till 12 months, L I got to 11 months, and K to 10 months with formula supplementing the breastfeeding.... to have continued feeding after the disasterous start I had with K is awesome, I had cracked nipples, blisters, mastitis requiring hospitalisation, latching issues, just major mountain to climb, and now its just so easy, I am really proud of my breastfeeding journey and think I am lucky to have had great support to have gotten this far with it.


my darling baby is one

yesterday was Baby N's 1st birthday, shes just gorgeous, and we are so blessed that shes part of our family.... but instead of raving about her I will just leave you a gorgeous image of her instead because we think shes the most beautiful baby ever.... this was taken just after a breastfeed, I love the way it makes them so drowsy

party tomorrow

its Mr O's 3rd birthday tomorrow, far out has that gone quickly, we have got him a big tonka fire truck which I am hoping he will love as hes hugely into fire trucks and any other vehicles at the moment, next Thursday Miss N turns one so we are having a joint party for them tomorrow afternoon.

Next year we might have separate parties but at 3 and 1 we don't think its important esp as the same guests would have been invited anyway.

so this time tomorrow I will be sitting here recovering from an awesome party for my two littlies.


breaking the addiction

because I am rather anxious at the moment I have been drinking a can or 600ml bottle of coke most days, but yesterday I decided no more, if I want coke it has to be coke zero and its not going to be as often as I have been drinking it, I am going to try to cut down sugar in my coffee too... why I ask myself? I am now the lightest I have been in over 10 years, yep 95kgs.. still too much but coming down so I need to get moving, I ran most of the way home pushing the double buggy this afternoon and walked rather quickly too school, so my aim is to walk the school trip faster, cut back on sugar and other crap food and really try to lose some more weight, I am liking being able to wear smaller clothes or having my clothes fit nicer so I am really trying to do this and to keep myself honest about it.


the end is near...

yay, Ben has a date for submission of his PhD, yahoo.... its the 10th of Jan... still hanging over us for
Xmas but that's OK a date is good.

So our plans are head south on the 18th of December, he will stay in Christchurch till Christmas and study and I will take the kids south to my parents. We will all go camping between Christmas and New years then Ben will head back to Christchurch to study and submit the PhD and I will stay with Mum and Dad... then we will all head home, yay.

I am happy that we know when its all got to be finished by, hes working such crazy hours that he will be so tired once its all done. But hopefully it will be worth it, well I am hoping it is.


first steps...

Miss N has been taking one step here and one there for a few weeks now, but today she did it.. she just kept going... 6 steps in a row, it was so cute and I was so proud of her. And she then did it again when Ben got home so it wasnt a fluke....

So looks like my youngest bubba will be my youngest walker too....

broken wrist

I just realised that I hadn't even blogged that Miss L had fractured her wrist so the comments about her cast coming off totally wouldn't have made sense

She green stick fractured it on the second Monday of the school holidays... she was pushed over by miss K and fell awkwardly... and of course all the drama happened at 5:30pm so was not brilliant timing at all for any of us.

She was great about it all, really brave and lucky that it didn't snap the bone at all, apparently its a really common break, and it only needed a cast for 4 weeks. The cast she chose was awesome, light blue and it glowed in the dark.....

So after 7 years of being a parent we had our first big injury, not that bad really but was horrible seeing her in pain....



so there are some changes happening in my life that I cant really go public with yet, but its very cool and giving me a new direction for some current projects.

miss L has had her cast off after fracturing her wrist in the school holidays, she and I are happy that its gone, it was a pain to keep it dry to bath and shower but glad wrap is awesome stuff for keeping water off casts.

We have 2 birthdays coming up, hard to believe that Miss N is going to be one soon, shes just gorgeous and a real blessing to us, she can take a step when standing so we are hoping she might be walking soon, Mr O is 3 5 days before her birthday, gosh time is flying so fast this year.

the dratted Phd is still being written, I am so over it, just wish it was done so we could get on with life.... but hey the end is near on it which is great.

Miss K is great, so much healthier now shes had those tonsils out.... its nice that shes not missing school like she was.

I am doing ok, still not 100% but trying to get things done and keep some routine going....


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