3 weeks since loss

so its three weeks today since i was sitting on this couch in immense pain wondering what the hell was going on.... 3 weeks... not that long really, am still lost for words at times about it all. I have a hospital appointment for this afternoon with the specialist, am really nervous about it, I have questions about the embryo.. like how far along was I etc, and what are my chances of it happening again etc, would love more info really still feeling like I dont know very much about what happened etc.

L is still very clingy but thankfully has gone out with her godparents for the day which is nice for me. They will take her to kindy and pick her up afterwards which is great as my appointment is for 2:30.

Mum is in hospital in Dunedin which is worrying me too. She had the wires taken out from her surgery when K was tiny, but her warfarin levels arent balanced so she is bleeding and is having problems with pain and eating. I hate being so far away at times like this, I know shes ok but its hard.



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