our week

its school holidays but the last couple of days I have spend with Miss K in hospital, tonight she is home on a night pass but we are to report back at 8am for the dr's rounds. The reason for this trip is the continuing pain shes had since she was sick in Dunedin. Her temp was up on Tuesday so I took her to our Doctors, he decided she needed to be seen so he sent us to the Childrens assessment unit and they admitted her. We were hoping to get an ultrasound scan on Wednesday but the sonographer was sick, the same happened today, hence why we are at home for the night.

She needs the ultrasounds so they can determine if shes got a strcutural issue with her kidney or if its a pain issue from the infection she had. Either way we cannot move forward until they do this scan.

 Fingers crossed that she gets it tomorrow

my big girl turned 8

wow, it seems surreal in someways that she is 8, maybe its because I don't actually feel that much older than the 26 I was when I had her, which ever it is though shes 8 now lol.....

We had an awesome party for her, we took some friends of hers roller skating, it was great fun, and a perfect thing to do on a cold winter day, She had a great cake made by the awesome Deborah and her girls and cupcakes that I made too.... I actually stepped out of my comfort zone to do baking this year.

Miss K reckoned it was her best birthday yet....

still not well

and I really am at a loss as to why. I spent last night in A&E again with abdominal and chest(lower) pain, they x rayed me and gave me painkillers, did blood tests and sent me home at 8am this morning with no answers at all to why its happening.

The closest clue we have is a small ovarian cyst on my right side, its about 3.8cm so not large by any standard but it is about the only thing that pinpoints any of my symptoms.

We are no further ahead with Miss K either, shes still got pain in her back, and has got clear blood and urine results, we are hoping that an ultrasound will help show whats going on, but its going to be 3-4 weeks at least before that happenes as shes not considered urgent to be seen.

We are just so over it all, even hubby is sick now with a sore throat, N has croup and O and L have colds. Yay that its school holidays for the next two weeks from Friday

neglected blog

we have just been through a hugely rough period of time, it started in May with my Grandmas diagnosis of Lung Cancer and has gotten progressively worse since then.

In mid May Miss K got chicken pox, 2 weeks later our other three children got them too... this was pretty rough but we got through it.

Grandma passed away on the 16th of June, we had known all week that things were getting worse, she had had a minor stroke and heart attack and we were told to prepared to travel to Invercargill. To add to this the volcanic ash cloud meant that flying was out of the question so we were faced with a long road trip with 4 children.

WE had a gorgeous send off for Grandma, she had a yellow coffin which made us smile, both my bigger girls spoke at her funeral as did my parents and sister and I. We had Grandma at home for the days before her funeral, it made things more natural for all of us. Our children were able to see her, talk about death etc in a natural way instead of via funeral directors etc.

The day after her funeral K got sick, with a kidney infection, we ended up spending 3 nights with her in Dunedin Hospital which was good but another stress at an already stressful time, Shes still getting a lot of pain and we are not sure now that its kidney related at all. I spent last night at A&E with her only to find all her results clear, just pain.
We got home late on Tuesday the 28th after a long trip from Oamaru to Palmerston North in one day. by Saturday night we were back at A&E, this time though with me sick, we thought I have appendicitis but we now are not sure at all whats going on. I only got home on Friday after  a week in hospital.

So that's our 6 weeks of nasty/sad/stressful times. I am so glad that we are over this and that I have an amazingly supportive husband and family

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