There is an interesting debate going on at the hand mirror over whether parents should choose what sports their children play. I have weighed into this debate because I will not be letting any of my three children play rugby at all.... I have no desire what so ever for them to play it.

I aren't anti rugby, I like watching it, I just have seen consequences of this sport that I do not like therefore i will not be letting them be involved in the sport.

A boy I went to primary school with became a tetraplegic at age 17 through no fault of his own, he was a 1st fifteen player, and was running with the ball and tackled, he fell awkwardly on hard ground and was paralysed. I don't want to see this happen to any of my children. I have seen the fractures, the blown out knees, etc, I aren't thinking this through in a sensationalist fashion.

One of my other reasons is based more on society, my cousin was from a rugby family, it was common to go to the club after work for a drink etc, He had broken up with his girlfriend, went to the club for a while, said something to someone and went home and killed himself. I am not in anyway blaming the game for his death, but the I'm a hard man attitude that goes with rugby is NZ was a factor in his death.

I am happy for my children to be competitive, social, and enjoy sport, it just wont be rugby......

When reading the comments on rugby on THM the interesting bit was that one person thought we were being a bit harsh for not letting our kids play this sport, but I would be the one paying for it, taking them to games, training etc, washing the gear etc, therefore i think i am entitled to some say in what they play.

Thankfully at the moment they think triathlons are awesome. And i am happy with that.



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