back to school

the holidays finished this morning, routine is back in place, K started back in a new class with a new teacher, she goes to a small school of 300 which is really nice.

She was quite excited to go back and see her friends and meet her new teacher. Shes year 1 this year and in a year 1/2 class. We had to find her hat, schoolbag etc and make lunch. Thankfully getting up wasnt too hard as O woke around 6:30 so i was able to feed him before we all got up. Unfortunately L has a temp and is sick so no kindy this afternoon for her, Shes half asleep on the couch watching tv at the moment.

I thought that i would be sad about school going back and the end of the holidays but i was actually quite happy to return to routine this morning, its nice and I had been feeling a bit run down with all three at home for so long. I am glad that I have chosen to send them to conventional schooling, I dont think i would cope well homeschooling at all. its not something that i think would work well for K or me.



Puerhan said...
February 3, 2009 at 5:43 AM

"small school of 300" makes me chuckle! O&F go to a village school with a grand total of 60 pupils! :-) ...and there were only 200 at the primary school I went to but I didn't think it was *that* small..!

Azlemed said...
February 3, 2009 at 7:45 AM

its small compared to our closest school, its has over 400, I went to a primary school with over 500, and then to one with 120.

the closest high school to us is now over 1500, so 300 isnt that big.

60 sounds lovely.

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