crap day yesterday, getting back to normal today

yesterday was emotionally the toughest yet, it was a week since it all happened, and i was on the edge of crying most of the day, to add to it i felt really tired.

I was able to talk to a school mum about it after school (shes a nurse) and that was really good, esp as she understood the medical side of it all, and was able to just listen too. Shes got twins the same age as K and a wee boy the same age as L.

Another couple of friends helped on facebook too, either via emails or chatting or posts on walls. it is getting easier to talk about the loss now, and it will continue to get easier especially if we are both honest about what we are feeling and how it is affecting us.

Today was easier, we went and looked at a house(not suitable) and i took L and picked up K after school. this was good, it was my first drive so i was a bit cautious but I coped which was really good. I have just been out and bought some gingerbeer so second drive down and its feeling more normal again.

I had to get some ginger beer cos i am still feeling nasuseaous at times, I stil have Beta HCG in my body so some of its effects are still effecting me, mainly nausea and the tiredness. Tiredness is also from the loss of blood, the anaesthetic, and the pain killers i have been on. today i have only taken panadol which has been great too.

so each day its getting easier, and each day is a new day.


Puerhan said...
February 13, 2009 at 9:17 PM

Glad to hear things are picking up! :-)


Azlemed said...
February 13, 2009 at 9:39 PM

Thanks E, the emotional stuff is still hard to deal with but just talking makes it easier.

its also easier in someways because there was no way that the pregnancy could have continued, until a miscarriage where there was always the chance that it could have worked out.

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