had a nice break

It was great, more of a facebook and Trademe detox but it was so what I needed to do, I am also planning on doing a bit of a friend cull on facebook, I just have too many acquaintances on there and would rather have it a bit more intimate if possible. So if you don't make the cut I am sorry, but its something that I really do need to do.

I have been doing some sewing, mainly baby slings and clothes, and I have my first order to make a baby sling, which is very exciting, might make up a flyer for at the maternity places around town, I think I will look at making up a wee book with the different carries on it too. I would love to see a sling library started up for Palmerston North, there is an awesome one in Auckland which would be very cool to have similar here.


internet detox

I am an internet addict, but from today I am going to have the next week internet free. I will check email but that is it, I just need some time to clear my head and to do some stuff around here.

so I will see you all on the other side

further on the ethics question

I found this article tonight on the egg raffle...

88% woman

I found a link for gender analysis of blogs... apparently I am 88% likely to be a woman writer.

Ethical question.......

A fertility clinic in London is holding a raffle of donor eggs for older women who want to be mums... the winner will go to the USA for treatment to try to get pregnant.

The furore seems to be over whether women should be allowed to sell their eggs. Egg donation is not easy, its painful and time consuming, so should there be a financial gain for the woman doing it?

I have thought about egg donation now that my family is finished, I don't need the ones I have left, so if I could help someone else I possibly would, to me its just genetic material, its not a baby, its the possibility of a baby.

Which leads to the question though, is it OK to sell your eggs? Or would it lead to a black market for eggs? As infertility levels rise could this be an option for increasing egg donation, or would it lead to less scrupulous woman doing it just for the money.

I would love to know what others think about this.


Silent house

this rather strange phenomena is happening at the moment, I actually sometimes have a silent house, the kids are either sleeping or doing various activities and I get silent time, its amazing, and I think will become something that I treasure amongst the chaos that is having 4 kids under 7.

So instead of sitting here I am going to use my current quiet time to do some sewing, I have a couple of merino dresses that I want to get made up, the weather here is getting cooler so I want to be prepared for it.


looking good, feeling great

I am feeling good, I have lost 3kg since the start of the year, and am very proud of myself, I am now at the lightest I have been since the around 2000. I am also feeling happy with life which is great.

finding friends again

During my last pregnancy I retreated into a shell, and did not make a lot of effort with my friends and I regret that, so I have decided that I am going to make time for friendships and the people that I care about, I am going to enjoy my life and our friends and the warmth that that brings with it. I have been spending more time with some of my female friends and its been so nice, I am definitely going to make more time for them and stop getting so caught up with me....

I am also hoping to have a weekend away doing political stuff, I just have to organise some help for Benjamin that weekend so he can still go to work one of the days. I will take miss N with me, shes a great wee baby so shouldn't be too much of a problem.

So too all my friends who put up with me last year, I am thankful that you stuck around. love D

International Womens Day

Just wanted to say thank you to all the fabulous women in my life, esp my Mum and sister, you are two of my rocks who help me through life, I love you both.

managing on my own

I am having to learn some new skills at the moment which are testing my patience at times, its called being happy with parenting alone in the weekends....

This may seem rather random, but I am finding it is getting easier each day that I do it, its not as scary as it once was, I think some of it is just getting on with life and realising that the PhD needs finished and until it is I have to just get on with parenting alone most weekends.

I am actually quite pleased with how I went today, I managed to cook a nice meal, have the kids all in bed by 8pm, do some washing, go for a walk, do a triathlon (albeit a very small one), so yes I am feeling good about this so far. Just to keep being OK with it I think will be my main goal, and to know that yes I can do this and I am a good mum who can cope.

It also gives me more respect for Mums who do this all the time, I am lucky I have a nanny (for a few more weeks) and a Husband who helps raise our four children

down under feminist carnival

the 22nd carnival is up, and I have my political involvement piece in it, yay for me click here to go to the carnival and read all kinds of writing by feminists.

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