political inactivity

As a Sahm with four children I am finding it hard to be as politically active as I once was, I wonder if some of this is because of the way political parties are geared more towards people who work or if its just that having children means that they are my priority?

I am finding it strange being this uninvolved with political happenings that used to be hugely important to me, I am disconnected from most of the Labour party because I arent attending meeting and are not really using the social network for keeping in the loop... it made me start wondering about political organisation and women in general.

Women are not well represented in most elected positions in our country, some of this is that they are not shoulder tapped and asked to stand and parts of it are that they just dont have the time because they are doing everything else.

I managed to stay active when I had my first baby, with number 2 I was still in the loop as well, but with 3 and 4 I have drifted further from it, some of it is to do with meeting times and some because I am too busy keeping our house running....

It saddens me that I am so distant from something that is still a huge passion for me, and that the opportunities to interact are limited in some ways....

I think I need to find new ways to keep my political involvement in the Labour party and in society in general. I wonder if Mums voices are heard very often at all? Probably not because we don't always have time or we feel that we are not listened too or valued as part of society, I would love to know what other people think about this.


Absentee blogger

Hi all, I have got my parents here at the moment so barely get to come and blog. Its been a year now since we had our pregnancy loss... and heaps has happened since then, the week of the year anniversary was really hard, I found myself thinking about it all a lot, I am ok with it but it was hard.

I also realise that it was meant to be, and that N was to be our 4th child, shes absolutely awesome, shes three months this week and is a huge delight to us all.

We have been busy doing kids triathlons, the two big girls are doing really well and have had their photos in the local papers 3 times because of it. I managed to do a small triathlon on Valentines day which was a huge thing for me, I haven't done a tri since early last year because of pregnancy etc so it was neat to achieve something like that again.

Its great having Mum and Dad up for a while, they were here for a week, then did car rallies then came back to us for this week, the kids think its great and they are loving having the summer car here too.

so thats pretty much all thats going on at the moment, I will try to become a more regular writer again soon.


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