a nice weekend

two sleep ins, yay.... an evening out without children, yippy, bed shopping, a birthday party, house hunting, just being together.....

We have had a nice relaxing weekend. I got to sleep in both mornings and it was so good. We went to friends wee girls first birthday party yesterday afternoon which was lovely. got home at 6:40pm and the babysitter (Emmaleen) arrived at 7pm while I was running around finding matching shoes and getting dressed and make up on. We went to a labour party fundraiser, the annual wine auction, it was a great night and we really enjoyed ourselves didn't get home to 11:30pm but we had sat around afterwards and chatted with friends about ideas for Palmy labour. We then came home and drunk milo with our sitter and chatted for ages. what a great night we had.

This morning i got to sleep in again, then we went out, we went looking at furniture and found a really nice mattress, our bed is too hard and neither of us are sleeping very well at all... now just gotta work out the $$$$. we also went and looked at a house that we knew was outta our price range but we wanted to see why they thought it was worth that amount. we think it was over priced for the area and the size of the house.

After that we came home, and I have started sorting out all my stuff in our bedroom, its feeling good to get sorted in there again.

I cooked butter chicken for tea, yummy and after that did reading with K, shes doing really well, and is hopefully going to have the same love affair with books that I have.



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