I just read a blog post about the term babywearing being insulting to babies... I don't think it is... to me it implies a way of life where carrying you baby in a sling , carriers, piece of cloth is normal, that keeping baby close is important and helps with bonding, and makes life easier for parent/carer and for bubs.

Its like its a movement that promotes baby's wellbeing and happiness... maybe it could be termed something else, but what? baby slinging sounds bad.... and I cannot think of other names for using a sling.

I love wearing my baby in her sling, its nice to have her close, shes contented when in the sling, shes happy and that's one of the main reasons I do it. Its great for bonding, for breastfeeding, for having free hands to look after my other kids... I am a convert, babywearing is awesome.

can I have another weekend please

we have had a hugely busy weekend and I need another one so I can recover..... we have been to two birthday parties, a bastketball game, another friends for coffee, had an extra for the night, had one away for a night... and a teething baby.

Its been great though but I need a rest. I made a wee apron too for the birthday today so was sewing too, and trying to catch up on the washing too.  Oh well tomorrow is another day, so I will try to get stuff done that I have neglected today.


black bow designs is online

Today I launched my own website,  I had an awesome helper who has helped make it look fabulous.... please go check it out.


co sleeping

I somehow ended up being interviewed for the Herald on Sunday via email about co sleeping, it cam up on facebook through a group I belonged to that a journalist was wanting to talk to co sleeping parents about their experiences and the advice they had been given by midwives, Drs, nurses etc....o I talked via email to the journalist and I was quoted in the article.

I have co slept with all our babies, with K she was over 3 months I think before I did,  I was scared that she was so little and I found it difficult to sleep with her, my confidence as a mum has grown though and now most of the night little N sleeps with me, they have all slept in the daytime in their cot and from 1am most nights they sleep with us. I have read about the risks from co sleeping, and I decided that it works for us.... I am not suggesting thought that everyone should do it.

I did an informal poll of friends on facebook, some co sleep happily others didnt, it was discouraged when I was a baby and thats ok, we make choices from the information that we have available to us, and that was the gist of the article in the paper, that information is not being given to Mums about co sleeping, its benefits and its risks.

So readers what are your thoughts on this?

love D

I'm Back.....

sorry its been a busy week, and I have neglected my writing of posts.... I have had my sister here and its been so nice just hanging out together. I miss having her close, its 10 yers now since we last lived in the same place, ages really, and I miss doing ordinary things with her. I miss hanging out with my Mum and Dad too, but I am lucky as we are heading south fror the school holidays next month, yay 2 weeks in the South Island, my Granny is coming to visit us at Mum and Dads so she can see her great grandchildren and meet Miss N.

Its the longest that I have ever not gone south, it will have been a whole year, when we first shifted up here I would just go whenever I wanted too.. now its carefully planned to the cheapest flights and the easiest way to travel with children. I am flying by myself with the 4 kids, will be interesting, but K and L are pretty independant now so it will be ok, and they have flown heaps now so the quite enjoy it.

So Home here we come.

ps no its not me in the photo its my sister, shes not my twin..... 

wow, what a day

we have had an amazing day for Miss N, we had her baptism this morning and she was just so great, we had heaps of friends and family here for it and I got through it.....

The service was lovely, she dipped her hand in the water/font thingy and had a play which was very cute, she didn't cry at all, and was lovely and smiley all morning, we then squeezed into our wee house for lunch etc, at one stage there were 42 of us here, including 8 children under 7 years of age, they were 6,5,4,3,2,2,1 and 6 months, plus 3 twelve year old boys, and some older teenagers, it was really neat.

We had lovely homemade pumpkin soup and a laksa style soup and french sticks for lunch, and most those over 16 had a nip of Glenfiddich to "wet" baby's head again. It was a pain that it rained most of the day as it has meant there are only one or two family photos and I would have loved to have gotten more, maybe I will get some tomorrow, I might just get us guys all dressed the same as today and take some of  us all.


doing ok

family members start arriving tomorrow for N's baptism on Sunday, its why I have been so stressed, but I think I am doing ok today, the house is looking fine, I mowed the lawns, there is baking in the fridge, and I have half made a top for me to wear. I am hoping to get the top finished in the morning before my parents arrive and we just have mr O's room to tidy. So hopefully we will be ok.

love D

nearly done

with this blogging daily business, its been good, it has certainly helped me clear my head a few times which has been great, its helped me get back into the routine of posting and its made me think about a few things too. So over all even though I missed a couple of days due to a need to have a break I am quite pleased with my efforts.

love D

that wasnt much of a post

but I just had to share how gorgeous miss N is... A friend took some gorgeous photos of her and mr O today, they are just lovely, and make me realise how blessed we are to have 4 amazing healthy children.

Its funny how people see different ones of our kids in each other.... there are expressions or looks that each of them has that is unique but they all have a oneness too, they have a look that unifies them as siblings, its very cool, and it amazes me at time how people comment that they look alike, but shouldnt they when they have the same parents? maybe its just me, but I kind of expect them to look similar in some way, it might be because my sister and I look similar or something. Anyway I have added a photo of my gorgeous youngest babies who look similar but unique and I am totally in love with them, over the weekend I will get some of my two big girls together too and of them all together. They are all amazing wee people and I am truely blessed to be part of their lives


somehow this doesn't need words

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