thank you for those who were there for me today

I just wanted to say thanks to my friends who have supported me today. I have had a rough day on facebook, ending in being defriended by a cousin of mine.

Overall i have thought about it and decided that I cannot apoligise for something that I had no control over, I have been accused of being a "favourite" and better than them etc, I cannot apologise for something I didnt cause.

I have struggled all day with this, its so hard when its family that you are dealing with, we all percieve life differently and its these interpretations that have caused me to be no longer considered as family to my cousin.

We all have our own stories of what goes on around us, we all do it, its part of our humanity. Its something we do, be it to protect ourselves, or to make what we do better in our own eyes.

So again, thank you to my friends.



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