response from Midcentral DHB

I received this today via email. The DHB customer person has contacted me and forwarded my complaint to the relevant person.

It will be interesting to see what happens next about it.

Dear Demelza

MidCentral District Health Board welcomes feedback and thanks you for
contacting us regarding the concerns you have about the lack of
sensitivity and lack of information you experienced following your
recent surgery.

Your comments have been forwarded to Mr Nicholas Glubb, Group Manager,
Women's Health Services. He will be responsible to have your complaint
investigated. You will receive a written response to your complaint
once the investigation is complete.

Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome, or have any other issues
you wish to discuss, please contact the Customer Relations office.

Yours sincerely etc....

So lets just wait and see.... they did respond within the 5 day time limit too which I am impressed with.



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