cold grey day

I knew that a cold front was moving up the country, I was just not quite prepared for how cold I was going to feel.... I am frozen, have even put socks and boots on today, and am wearing a merino top too... K has worn tights with her skirt today and I am glad she did, its not probably as cold as it is down south, but at the moment its the first kind of hint that it is autumn and I need to look at the kids clothes and my own for the winter to make sure things fit well etc.

Its also raining which isnt nice, I suspect it will bucket down at 2:50pm when its time to get K from school. I just arent a huge fan of cold grey days, its depressing and makes me feel cold.....

We are thinking about getting K a 20" bike with gears for her 6th birthday, it will mean that shes able to go faster and its more efficient for cycling for her.... I am thinking of getting a red bike as its more unisex and I will be able to pass it on for O when he needs that size. its strange when you are looking at this sort of thing and working out how to pass them down through the children. L got a 16" bike for her birthday because she was too big for her bike, I suspect I will be buying a second 20" bike for her 5th birthday because she is only a small bit shorter than K. her 16" bike is red for the reason that O can have it once shes outgrown it.


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