feminist... a dirty swear word

I belong to an online political grouping, there is a discussion in one of the subgroups that a new member has started, it this he states that abortion equals murder and that Helen Clark is a radical and a feminist and that is why we lost the election....

I joined said political party in 1999, Helen was about to become our Prime Minister and I was excited to be part of the movement towards a social-democratic NZ. To me she never seemed radical, and being a feminist was all good by me too.....

It never seems to amaze me though how people use feminist as a bad word, as something that obviously means you must hate men or something like that, and you must be a lesbian too..... what crap. I am a feminist, I am married, have 3 children, and dont hate men at all, some of my closest friends are male and i love them all.

Feminism to me is believing in equality of gender and the use of policy etc to ensure equity for women.

I read the person's post in disbelief that he thought Helen was too radical and that there were too many feminists at the top of the party... it felt like I was reading something written by a Tory.

As for abortion, I am pro choice... yep I think that there is a place for Abortion, its not something I would choose to do, but it is something that is necessary for others. I also get annoyed when men tell us what we should or shouldn't do with our bodies... to sustain a pregnancy is hard work on the body and the mind, its not easy being pregnant, i know I have done it 3 times to term and as much as I enjoyed it, I made the choice to be pregnant and to take on the responsibility of caring for the child that would be born. To force women/girls to go through with an unwanted pregnancy is wrong.

Anyway thats my big political rant for now... feminist isnt a swear word.


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