A person I went to school with has announced her pregnancy on facebook and added scan pics.... I am struggling hugely with this. My sisters best friend has also told us shes pregnant, and due around when I would have been.

I am struggling with it all, I don't know quite how to face it. I am happy for them, but I am unhappy, sad that it isnt me, sad that I am grieving still, sad that I am jealous of others happiness.

Unhappy, sad, miserable, jealous, lost for words.... I just wish it had been me.

its a month on the 5th and I am still struggling with it at all, I am getting better, its just small things like scan pics that throw me a bit.

I want to be happy for them, and I am happy that they will get to experience parenting and having children etc, and all the joy etc that goes with that.


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