thoughts for the day

I have come up with a really cool design for a top/dress, cant wait to get to make one, but it will wait until I have got the kids rooms sorted out, O's is nearly done and the girls shouldnt take too long, its just putting the toys in the toybox etc.

We have been busy sorting out stuff today. Our base to our bed smelled a bit musty so we have covered it in baking soda and left it outside for the day/night. We are getting a new mattress tomorrow which will be really cool, its got latex both sides and pocket springs so should give us a much better sleep than what we are currently getting. I think the bed is one of the reasons why I dont want to go to bed very early, its just really uncomfortable and I hate it.

K has been awesome with her biking, she went over to the park with Ben today and he ended up coming back to get his bike so he could ride with her. I took her on the road for the first time, we biked to get a newspaper, braved one set of lights, and on the way home she got up to 14kph which is rather good for 5yrs on a 16 inch bike.

Lil O has started pointing at things and saying look, its very cute and its a nice way to know what hes seeing thats interesting to him. L is settling back down which is great, she spent most of yesterday with her godmum and M, she didnt want to come home at all.

Am thinking about going to church in the morning. We need to go 20 times during the school year for K to qualify for one of her Girls brigade badges so I had better start making it part of our routine again.

I had a good talk with my Mum today, shes begun reading my ramblings which is quite cool as her and Dad can keep up to date with my mood etc and I feel like I am able to be more honest with them about it, instead of trying to make everything sound great etc.



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