sleep in...... gone

I am grumpy its just after 8am and I am up, I do not want to be up, I want to be curled up asleep in my nice warm bed, but when four kids are in it being noisy its not peaceful at all, so I got up and am sitting in front of the computer instead.

Saturday is my sleep in morning, Ben has been working Sundays on his Phd so I figure that I am allowed a small luxury of a bit of sleep on a Saturday, well its not happening this morning is it.

O is mucking around near me now, and the girls and Ben are still cuddled up in our bed, yep I am grumpy, maybe I will crawl into one of the kids beds for a while and have a bit more of a snooze, but now I am up I suppose I might as well stay up, we are out of milk so one of us will have to go get that too..... probably me.


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