government budget... big fail

I will admit before you read any further that I am a Labour party member so I am not likely to be unbiased in my reaction to the budget.

To put it bluntly we will probably be worse off from it, as per usual with a Tory government middle income earners with children will not be any better off, we nay be getting a tax cut, but G.S.T is going up and there is a big cut to early childhood funding, and to health care as well.... its more of the same, more money for the rich and life gets harder for average kiwis trying to get ahead.

I am not going to be able to sit quietly and watch Early childhood education decrease for those children that need it, I am not going to sit quietly and watch health outcomes decrease for those that need it, Children have the least voice politically yet they will be one of the biggest groups impacted by this budget.

For those without children in ECE then the tax cuts will possibly help them, but I wait to see how it can help us if we have to pay more for our children to attend our local kindy. ECE is not a luxury item... it is something that leads to better children in our classes, it is important for our kids and to have a high standard through having well trained teachers is necessary. The centres that have been hit the hardest through the budget are those that have 80-100% fully qualified teachers, the better level of educated staff, the ones we should be promoting as doing a great job for the kids they look after, instead they are going to lose at least 60cents per hour funding per child, and those costs will need to be passed on to the parents.

To Mr English I give your budget a big huge F....


Anonymous said...
May 21, 2010 at 2:01 PM

It's short sighted of him to say we want to keep the nurses, doctors, and middle income earners in New Zealand but we are going to limit the basic preschool education which has been proven to be important for being ready for schooling to get that education to become those people. ECE costs go up will mean less children coming to school being able to do some extra basics that a portion of society will not do at home themselves - poor junior school teachers as well.

Azlemed said...
May 21, 2010 at 5:27 PM

its extremely short sighted... ECE is very important, I did a placement in a new entrant class and we had a child come in with no ece at all, he could not follow basic instructions, couldnt spell his name and various other things that most new entrants can do. Its very short sighted and its all for a tax cut that for the majority of us will not go far at all

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