Going out

Next Saturday night (the 22nd) we are going out on a date, wow a real date... like adults do who do not have 4 kids..... we have a babysitter, I am going to leave some milk in the fridge for Miss N and we are going out.

Ben has bought tickets to the Gala night for the Environmental film festival, its going to be really nice and I am quite excited about it, so then my thoughts have turned to what to wear lol.

I have a nice dress that I made when I was pregnant with Linnea, its black with a sparkly pattern, very cute but a bit big, so Alana and I are going to take it in a bit, and I am going to buy a funky belt to wear with it,

I have also decided to be adventurous and wear heels... I normally cope with a small one but have decided that I want to wear something a bit higher, this could end up badly but I am going to go shopping this afternoon and see what I can find.



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