noise is making me insane

I don't know why but the noise of these kids is really getting to me, might be because its just me at home, but I think its because they are just being really really loud, and fighting with each other..... I was hoping for a slightly relaxing day getting stuff done around here instead I am playing constant referee amongst these kids or telling them to stop doing things etc.

We are going out tonight so I was hoping to get some time to do some work on myself... just basics like having a shower without being interrupted and making sure that my hair doesn't look like I have been dragged through a gorse bush backwards, instead I have to play referee. I still need to express some more milk too, have done around 100mls but I don't think that will be enough so after her next feed I will try to express some more for her as I don't want her to be hungry if she wakes while we are out.



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