a proper post today

my last two posts have been little and not very substantial, so this morning I will endeavor to write something a bit better.

I am thinking about my sling business, I am not very sure what to do next, I am having issues with my sewing machine and will need to upgrade but at what cost, do I buy a machine that will be ok, but is second hand or do I get a brand new one that will last for ages? its also a question of cost, I might be able to get something secondhand but most of the good ones I have seen are still 10years or older and over $1000, or do I get a new one at a cost of $2-3000 that will last me for a good 20 years if I look after it. It is falling into the too hard basket at the moment though.

I have sent the four I made to Nelson to Ecomoon and am looking forward to seeing how they go. I am wondering about either selling some through Felt, as I have found Trademe is not as successful for it as I would have liked.

I am quite nervous about the whole thing, its a bit like having a baby you start something and you do not really know where it will take you, I am enjoying the adventure though and the thought of being able to do this and still be at home with my children.



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