What is SPD?

I thought that I better clarify what SPD is... other than a german political party its a medical term called Symphysis Pubis dysfunction/disorder... Its when the ligament that is in the front of your pelvis stretches too far during pregnancy causing immense pain and discomfort and for some people totally immobility.

I had it pretty bad last time, and when I went to get out of bed this morning I had shooting pain that was not nice.. so it seems that I will need to contact my Midwife this week to see what sort of plan of care we can try to minimise the impact that this has on me. I am determined to keep as mobile as possible, and to avoid crutches unless necessary. Am a bit frustrated as I am only 12 weeks pregnant so its quite early, but I was around 18 weeks with mr O when it started so maybe its just normal for me. Yet another reason for this to be our last baby :)


sajbrfem said...
June 4, 2009 at 11:24 PM

I am pregnant and had SPD from very early on. My midwife recommended an osteopath, who I have now seen for 4 sessions, and I am comparatively pain free. I also had physio and chiro earlier on, but neither of those worked for me.

I had it most of the way through my last pregnancy too, but I didn't know there was anything that could be done about it then so I just suffered through it.

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