International Midwives day

Today is the day to say thanks to our fabulous midwives and the awesome care that they provide to our Mums, babies and families.

With Mr O I ended up with 5 different midwives, each was different and provided differing care, My final two were in Oamaru and were amazing, they supported both myself and Benjamin to make the choices that suited us for the birth and care during and afterwards. For the girls I had the same midwife and she was great esp when everything went to custard after K's birth.

This time after my previous experiences I have been really fussy about who I chose to support us in my pregnancy and afterwards. I feel happy with the choice that I made and am happy with the care I have recieved so far.

Midwfiery is a demanding profession and I take my hat off to the women and men who dedicate their lives to helping make the start of life better for those they care for


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