freebirthing/no medical assistance part 2

I wrote this piece more in amazement that people would use utube as a guide to childbirth than to say that the women who lost her baby was wrong, I actually feel sorry for that woman. To lose a child in any circumstance is a horrible thing for any parent to go through. The first post was not meant to be in judgement of her. It was more querying having freebirths

I do question though the decision to go into childbirth without any medical assistance. I can understand women wanting autonomy over their own bodies but at what cost.... I think that autonomy over your body can be maintained in childbirth, it takes very good relationships and trust of the people that you have there with you.

I was kind of shocked at the british couple using utube to work out how to birth their child when she was in labour... I have never been to Britain but would assume that most parts of it are within 3hrs easily of medical facilities. It just seemed like an odd choice to make, I can understand their desire to have a homebirth, I would love to have one but cant. I just wondered about how they did it and why they didnt ring a midwife or a dr to help.....


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