L turns 4

my wee girl is 4 today, shes currently out with her Papa for a horse riding lesson which is what shes been asking for for a long time. I blogged about her big sisters birth so thought today i would write about L's entrance into the world.

Firstly she was due on the 30th of august, but she wasn't having a bar of this, she eventually came into the world on the 6th of Sept, a beautiful sunny spring day, much like today actually. Because she wasn't in a hurry we decided to give her a wee bit of a hand... my midwife (the same one I had for K) gave me a stretch and sweep on the Monday as I had been niggling all weekend, we then did the same the next morning, Lee told me that everything was ready to go and we just had to wait a wee while, by 1:30pm that afternoon I was in labour, we had been out to Ben's work to get some stuff for him to do at home while we waited so were driving back when things started happening, we rung Lee, arranged to meet her at the hospital and went and dropped K's car seat at Helen's so she could pick her up from daycare for us. We then went up to the hospital to meet Lee.

We met Lee going in the entrance where she teased me that I wasn't in labour cos I wasn't working hard enough. She knew too well that I was though. We had a student midwife present too which was quite neat as she was able to stay with us while Lee set up a drip and other things just in case I hemorrhaged again. L came out quite quickly, I only pushed for around 2 minutes which was rather intense but good as it didn't last long, so at 15:52 on the 6/9/05 we welcomed our second Daughter into the world, she was perfect, weighed 3.5kg (7lb 11oz), had some hair and was just lovely.

L wasn't as hard as K to breastfeed and K was brought up to meet her after tea that evening. I aren't sure that K really understood as she was only 2 yrs old, but shes been a good big sister to her ever since. The next day L's bilirubin levels went high which meant a 2 day stay in neonates for light treatment, but it wasn't as scary the second time.

So happy birthday miss L, I am pleased that I have you and your beautifulness in our lives. love Mama


Anji said...
September 6, 2009 at 9:34 PM

Your daughter is exactly the same age as my son - he's four today too. Happy birthday to her! :D

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