Been to the midwife today

and everything is going really well. I am 30 weeks and 1 day but measuring around 31 weeks, bubs is still lol or maybe lop and is head down. The interesting thing is that bubs is also 3/5ths engaged which is quite early, great for birthing, not so great for the next ten weeks :)

We did some acupuncture to try to relieve some of the morning sickness that has returned, the nausea I can cope with, its the throwing up my breakfast that I aren't so keen on.

I have started thinking about what sort of birth I want, and have decided that I would really like a water birth this time if possible, labouring in the bath was really good with O so I want to give it another shot. I was talking with another lady at the clinic I go to and she said why don't you try prebirth which is a homeopathic remedy to speed birth up, I told her no thanks under 3 hrs is fast enough for me.

So its all good so far, polycose test came back normal, am a bit anaemic but am taking iron so just going to relax and enjoy.


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