I cant count lol

my maths was faulty, the 126 weeks of pregnancy didnt count the bubs that I am carrying, so all up it will be 166 weeks of pregnancy.... the 6 weeks is for the one I lost, then its 41 weeks for L, 39 weeks for O, 40 weeks for K, and hopefully around 40 weeks for this one. We are pretty certain given my previous lengths of pregnancy that I should go to full term with this baby too. I am just a bit worried about how big it might be, pushing them out isnt painfree. I have got my midwife appointment tomorrow so will get to hear bubs heartbeat and see where its laying.



fesses said...
October 1, 2009 at 8:41 PM

Successful bloggers should take steps to make these kinda contests more common so that visitors get attracted.

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