LOL not just laughing out loud

for those that haven't had a baby (or arent medically educated) lol is just a Internet term.... for me its the position (left occiput lateral) that all of my babies have preferred to lay in for the last trimester of each pregnancy, its actually not that uncomfortable and they seem quite happy there. Bubs dropped a bit yesterday which is good but chose to do it just as I was lifting O out of his cot, wasn't very comfy.

I had to get monitored last night at delivery cos I hadn't had the compulsory 10 kicks for the day, was good though because they did a ctg and bubs is nice and healthy according to it, and I am measuring well for 28 weeks and my midwife thinks baby will be a good size. I am predicting that it will be over 9 pounds this time, K was little at 5 pd 1oz, L was 7pd 12 oz, and O was 8pd 12oz. I am still not sure on gender but leaning towards boy at the moment, just purely based on where my bump is/how it looks and lack of boys names.



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