waiting, waiting, waiting

still waiting, cos the house we put an offer in on is an estate, it has to go through lawyers etc, which seems to be a very time consuming process... the waiting is driving me even battier than usual. Even the real estate agent is frustrated at not being able to negotiate easily.

So we wait, and think about paint colours and furnishings etc... and a growing baby bump... lol... i think I look pregnant now, probably don't really but when you are looking down the image is more distorted than when you are looking at something face on.

K wants a boy because we only have 2 boys in the family, L wants a girl because shes never had a girl baby to play with. its quite cool how each has justified her position on it.

The morning sickness is ok, but seems to be more of an evening sickness thing this time, generally around 5pm onwards... at least I aren't throwing up though so there are some small mercies in that.

Anyway, daylight saving has ended and with that my body clock is rather confused so I think I will go have a nice milo and head to bed.



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