no homebirth for us

I had my midwife visit today, so I talked to her about the possiblity of having a homebirth, at first we thought it might work then as we talked about what happened after K's birth so decided that a homebirth is not the right choice for us.

I got to hear the heartbeat, which was really cool. I am only 10 weeks and looking at my tummy I look a lot further along, a mum at school today said to me "wow you have popped out" and shes right. I have popped out quite quickly, but the same happened with O so I arent too concerned at the moment. It was awesome to hear the heartbeat, its so fast, a bit like a horse galloping in a way.



Deborah said...
April 29, 2009 at 8:34 PM

We had a very positive experience (nearly eight years ago now!) at Palmerston North hospital - delivery rooms with lovely big baths, and armchairs, and birthing chairs, and Pilates balls... all the 'alternative' stuff, just in a hospital setting. Plus they had good staff, and good rooms in the maternity ward, which is configured so that one single room and one double room share a bathroom. They put us in a double room and kept the other bed empty. They used it for all the twin stuff, like masses and masses and masses of nappies. Plus they were very happy for our older daughter to come in at any time she and we wanted.

But you might have more recent experience there in any case. Yes, it would be wonderful to be able to have a homebirth, but the hospital experience really was fine, for me.

Azlemed said...
April 30, 2009 at 10:22 AM

I had both the girls at Palmy hospital, and O in Oamaru. I dont mind hospital for birthing, it was fine, just thought that we would explore the other options.

the risk is too high to have a homebirth which is what we suspected but I am glad that I at least asked about it.

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