It is so cold today, the cold weather started yesterday, I hate feeling cold, so Ben got the fire going for me today, its cloudy and dark and I just want to go back to bed and have a snooze. O is having his sleep and L is watching a dvd, shes a creature of habit, she likes to have quiet time in the mornings by watching a dvd and drinking milo.

We are still waiting to hear back about the house. Fingers crossed, Am thinking at the moment that a couple of heat pumps might be the most efficicent way of heating the new house, it also needs insulated better and some paint etc. We have worked out that we will be able to convert the garage into 2 bedrooms for the girls, so it will go from being 3 bedrooms, 1 living, to 4 bedrooms and 2 living areas which is going to be quite good.

We are looking after a friends wee boy on saturday night, hes going to stay with us which will be quite cool... will get an idea of what having 4 children will be like, hes the same age as O. Am planning the easter hunt, have to get eggs once kids are settled after tea.

A very close friend of ours sent us a suprise email the other night saying that after 6 months without his partner that they have decided they still love each other and have gotten engaged. I am so happy for them, its great to see love triumphing over things, and its so neat that he is happy again. They got engaged on our date too so it must mean something great for their future together.



Puerhan said...
April 15, 2009 at 3:05 AM

Haha, just read this post!

Thanks for the nice words. I should clarify that I was also happy before! Of course shared love has a particular quality of joy though.


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